Don’t Become The Person Who Hurt You

Don’t break someone’s heart just because you have been broken. Don’t become cruel because someone was cruel to you. Don’t hurt someone just because you have been hurt. Don’t become emotionless because you weren’t shown the emotion you deserve. And don’t become the person who hurt you because you were hurt.

We always have two options in life when things don’t go how we so desperately want them to, we can move on with a positive attitude taking away what we learned from the tragedy. Or we can hang our heads and sulk over what could have been and live in our self-imposed misery.

It took a while for me to realize this, but most of the pain I’ve felt in my life was self-inflicted. It was uncontrollable misery and tragedy from my world, deeply worsened from the mindset I had. It did more damage than good because I chose to think negatively and poorly about my life. While I didn’t have the power to control my circumstance, I surely had the power to control my mindset, but I didn’t want to.

Everyone has their own problems and obstacles in life. No one’s problems are any less relevant just because you think yours are worse. Everyone’s problems are important because everyone feels differently and handles pain differently. What we can’t do is let those experiences and problems change us for the worst.

We can’t let someone who doesn’t love us correctly take away our hope and desire to find a new love, a better love.

Don’t give up on love because you were hurt, don’t become the person who hurt you to someone else. It’s not fair to you or them because your heart will heal, maybe not wholly or quickly, but someone will love you again. They will love all the broken pieces of you that you’ve worked so hard at putting back together, and you will love them back.

Don’t let who broke you change how you love. Don’t let it change how you feel towards others. Don’t let it change how you feel when you’re falling in love. Don’t let it change how your heart beats for another soul. Don’t let it change the passion you felt in your heart before you were broken.

And please, don’t let it change who you are because you are not who broke you, you are better than that.

Don’t change who you are, learn from it. You have to want to be better and you can’t let heart break change you who are because love wins, love always wins in the end. You can be hateful, you can be cold and dark, but the only person you are hurting is yourself because love always wins. You are hurting your future chances at love, you are hurting your future chances at healing and happiness.

Healing will take time and it will take everyone different amounts of time, but once you find someone new, someone who loves you better than you could imagine you will love harder and stronger than you did before.

Don’t be mad at who hurt you, don’t hold grudges, and certainly don’t change who you are as a person and your heart because of what happened to you. Your heart is kind and it’s filled with love you want to share, don’t let anyone take that from you, especially not the one who hurt you because then they win.

Hurt people hurt people because misery loves company. Don’t let hate and hurt stop you from being the best person you can be.

Be you, be completely and unashamedly you, and always know that love wins and you will have your happy ending. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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