To The Girl Who Tries To Carry The Weight Of The World, Please Give Yourself A Break

Andrew Phillips

Don’t try to accomplish everything all at once, don’t try to help every person out when you’re at your own breaking point and please don’t be afraid to ask for a hand because you can’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders alone.

The minute you stop working and stop planning the world will not crumble, and the world will not collapse beneath you. The minute you stop trying to please everyone around you, you will not disappoint or let down your loved ones.

You can’t live happily if you’re constantly trying to please others; you need to please yourself first.

Instead of trying to accomplish everything in front of you without falling face first into the ground, find one thing you want to accomplish that you are truly passionate about, and do it. Do it before you make a commitment to anything else because even if you step back from the chaos you’re living in, the world will go on. I promise you, the world will keep spinning.

The workload of others is not your workload to accomplish. You have your own priorities and it’s time you put yourself before others. You have start making your world a better place instead of focusing on everyone else’s world becoming better because all it takes is you being in their lives in order to make their world better.

You are incredible and you are inspiring. People look up to you for how much you can do; you’re constantly and consistently making the world a better place to be. You impact others lives in such an amazingly positive way.

It’s great to feel wanted, needed and appreciated. People trust you and love you, they want you around not only because they can count on you, but also because they can see how passionate and dedicated you are to everything in your life.

But none of that matters if you’re not making yourself happy and you’re spreading yourself thin.

You hope that people will start helping you. You hope that they won’t need you as much. You overcommit to things because you don’t want to let anyone down. You try hard to squeeze as much in as you can on any given day, but you often end up feeling anxious and overwhelmed yourself. You start feeling like you’re not doing enough for others and you start falling behind on what you need to accomplish yourself.

Start taking a step back, giving yourself some breathing room. Start realizing even if you’re not the hero that people will still love and adore you because you are an amazing person whether you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders or not. It’s impossible to do everything on your own, sometimes you have to say no, and saying no won’t make or break anything. It will just give you some peace of mind in your own life.

There is a whole life to live outside doing things for others. I promise you life will continue if you start putting yourself first, just like I promise you the sun will continue to rise and set every day and every night without you guiding it.

If you’re the girl who tries to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders, please give yourself a break, you’ve earned it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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