13 Women Reveal The Astrological Sign They’ve Had The Hottest Sex With

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iStockphoto / GlobalStock

1. “AQUARIUS. They make love with their minds.” – Charlotte, Gemini.

2. “I do not even care about sexual compatibility between the starzzzz, Scorpios just do what they gotta do to get the job done. we don’t rely on compatibility. We just make sex happen. Also we typically don’t check in on stuff unless like, we’re making sure mercury isn’t retrograde.” – Emma, Scorpio.

3. “Sagittarius – hands down. When we met we had an instant connection and chemistry. It was so strong it was electric! We both said it was the best sex we had both ever had. The problem was that he would disappear for weeks at a time (not sure if this is a Sag trait or not) and as a Pisces (and a human!) I needed more consistency to stay interested. When he stopped calling me then came back in my life and wanted to act like nothing had changed I couldn’t find that same chemistry. It was gone. Still think about the good sex from time to time.” – Natalia, Pisces.

4. “Taurus is great. They have this very sensual energy to them. Not the greatest boyfriends but okay for a FWB situation.” – Christina, Aquarius.

5. “Virgos are incredible. Really creative and playful in bed.” – Michaela, Leo.

6. “Cancer was probably the most open-minded in bed in terms of wanting to experiment to strengthen our bond and relationship. I knew he really cared about me and would never push my limits any farther than I wanted to go. With Aquarius, they’re fucking weird, and will get into some pretty deep, dark sexual things. Sex with Aquarius was exciting and thrilling but it was missing that deeper emotional connection.” – Kelly, Gemini.

7. “Libras are so romantic! He would take me on very posh dates then go back to one of our apartments, light candles, listen to music. He was all about setting the mood and making sure everything was perfect. I mean, don’t get me wrong sometimes he’d get down and dirty without all the thrills but it was extra great when he put in the romance.” – Elizabeth, Pisces. 

8. “Sex between a Cancer and a Scorpio is ~out of this world~perfect yin and yang.” – Adrien, Cancer.

9. “My Venus is in Aries and if I hook up with someone I somehow later find out also has their Venus in Aries I’m like HOLY SHIT THIS MAKES PERFECT SENSE. We’re both aggressive when it comes to flirting/dating. The sex is incredible. Rising signs + compatible Venus is all I need for great sex.” – Karrie, Aries.

10. “Scorpio. Best sex of my life. Almost made it worth putting up with all the insane shit he did when we weren’t having sex.” – Kimberly, Aquarius.

11. “Geminis are so sexy. That’s all I can say about that.” – Megan, Virgo.

12. “I have a serious thing for Capricorns. They usually have these big blue eyes you can get lost in.” – Christina, Scorpio.

13. “I don’t know if I believe in this astrology stuff but I’m an Aries and I have also had the best sex with Libra. They are very intuitive and somehow always know what you want. The sex is mind blowing.” – Rachel, Aries. TC mark


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