Most Uncomfortable After The Final Rose Ever? Nick And Vanessa Already Look Unhappy AF

Well, Nick chose Vanessa and absolutely no one was surprised. Nick seems like a sucker for being miserable, which, dude, I totally get. Me too! But you’d hope nearing 40 years of age he’d like, outgrow it?

*momentary panic sets in that I will be 40 and still liking people who make me unhappy*

Sure, we don’t actually know these people or the intimate details of their relationship. Plenty of footage gets left on the cutting room floor and narratives are purposefully edited.


Normally our Bachelor couples can usually fake it for one night. That was…uncomfortable. Like being stuck at a dinner party while the hosting couple has visibly fallen out of love but they’re pretending for ~*~show~*~. Meanwhile, you’re just nibbling on your food hoping it all ends soon.

And I’m not the only one who felt that way. Most of Twitter seems in agreement that Vick (Ninessa?) are a walking-talking broken engagement waiting to happen.

Maybe we’re wrong! I want everyone to be in love and happy and yaddayadda. But c’mon. To quote OutKast, “Lean a little bit closer, see that roses really smell like poo-poo-oo.”

Anyway, cheers to the happy televised couple! Looking forward to seeing Vanessa in the audience for exactly one episode of Dancing With The Stars. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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