This Police Department Has The Most Hilarious Twitter Game Ever And You Won’t Stop Laughing

When I think about the police, I usually think about sly highway patrol cars perched at the edge of interstates just waiting to nab me for speeding.

What I don’t think of is hilarious tweets. But a police department’s Twitter account might be about to change that.

The city of Lawrence is the sixth largest in Kansas, boasting about 88,000 people. What they are lacking in a skyline, however, their police department more than makes up for with an absolutely hilarious Twitter game.

For instance, they are more than willing to throw shade at tailgaters,

And be open about the more disappointing parts of being a cop.

Any awkward conversations are totally fair game for social media.

And if you do the crime, be prepared to do the time…with internet shaming, that is.

They even leak some super top secret stuff!

And giving us a look into what cops do when they are bored.

With some A+ sure-fire tips too!

This stuff is seriously funny:

And they really, REALLY wanted to go an entire night without a bar fight:

Which they were SO close to accomplishing:

Check out all their tweets on Twitter!

While the Police Department is ordinarily very funny, when they have to post some serious or grave news on social media, they revert to a very business-like tone.

They are def the funniest police department of all time! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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