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The 7 Most Adorable Nick and Charlie Moments in ‘Heartstopper’ Season 2

Nick and Charlie are so cute in ‘Heartstopper.’ We’re not jealous at all…

The way Charlie and Nick express their love for each other in Heartstopper is so adorable we could vomit (and we mean this in the most complimentary way possible). The mix of cutesy, bubbly excitement and innocent passion is too much for our hearts to bear. There are several scenes in season 2 of Heartstopper that are a bit more tender and tearjerking, but this list will highlight the happier, blissful moments — the ones that lead us all to utter that communal “aww.” When it comes to adorability, Nick and Charlie top the list. Their love is so pure — so untainted by the multiple rounds of romantic heartbreak that precede adult relationships — making their interactions a series of idyllic firsts.

“Want a well-done kiss?”

When Nick tells Charlie that he came out to his mom the night before, Charlie asks if he wants a “well-done kiss,” clearly grasping at straws to conjure up an excuse to kiss this boy he’s been crushing on for quite some time. Though he doesn’t need an excuse to kiss Nick, he’s also asking permission (A+ consent-seeking). 

They also happen to be on school grounds, making their meeting of lips a bit naughty and risky. The risk makes it hot…does it not? It’s an innocent exchange that simply spotlights how much these boys want to be in physical contact at all times, but not in a sexual way — in a companionate and compassionate way. It shows how their teenage love has not been marred by sex-crazed media and social structures; they go at their own pace, kissing with delight from noon ‘til night. 

“Do you like that I speak French?”

When Charlie overhears Nick speaking French on the phone with his father, he swoons. Can we blame him? It is a romance language, after all. Yet, it is Nick’s realization regarding Charlie’s arousal and his subsequent Hollywood-esque delivery of “Mon Amour” that makes this scene both charming and chuckle-inducing. Charlie calls him cringe, but Nick knows he’s far from cringe. With a little French slipping from his tongue, Nick’s got Charlie in his pocket — but he will never abuse the hold he has on him. Only cherish and nurture it. 

“I told Mr. Farouk I borrowed your pen and needed to give it back.” 

In Heartstopper season 2, Nick is taking the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education), which is basically a subject-spanning final exam that students take before receiving their high school diploma. U.K. students prep for the GCSE as U.S. students prep for the SATs.  As a result, Nick and Charlie virtually spend zero time together during school hours, since Nick is off completing his examinations. Charlie obviously starts to miss seeing Nick’s adorable face, and he comes up with an excuse just to say hello to Nick during the school day. 

He brings Nick a pen, telling Mr. Farouk he borrowed it, and they have a short chat – fit with sparkly eyes and wistful smirks — before the strict teacher sends Charlie away. This is not a social hour after all. It’s such a simple moment that shows how often Nick is on Charlie’s mind (and how much his presence makes Charlie feel at ease). He just wants to see him. He just wants to say hey. That will be enough Nick juice to get Charlie through the day. 

“I love your hair so much.” 

The almost declaration of love. This moment had us at the edge of our seats. Sweat dripping down our foreheads. Eyed widening with anticipation. Hands clasping the pillow. Nick begins to list what he loves about Charlie. He starts with his curls, then makes his way to his eyes, and just as he utters “I love” with one word left in the pivotal sentence, they get cut off. 

The way Nick looks into Charlie’s eyes during this moment is indicative of his deep-seated feelings. He loves Charlie. He loves the relationship they have built together, but he doesn’t get to complete his sentence! It’s so cute in an utterly aggravating way. We want to scream, but we also want to hug him. Not to mention, Charlie’s evident discomfort around receiving endless compliments makes the scene all the more relatable, as listening to someone list off your beautiful features isn’t exactly the most comfortable conversation for those of us who may be a smidge insecure.

“We keep escaping parties to hang out with each other.” 

While a party rages inside — voices bouncing off the walls, drinks circling to keep the mood light and breezy — Nick and Charlie sit outside on a little terrace under the moonlight.

Nick notes that he and Charlie have a habit of escaping the madness to get time alone, and this is when Charlie asks “Are we gonna do it every time?,” to which Nick replies, “I hope so.” They literally can’t get enough of each other, and we can’t take it. It’s too much. It’s too much cuteness. It’s too picturesque. They just want to be together. No matter what’s going on around them, all that matters is that they’re hand-in-hand. We love this for them, but also, the envy is really starting to surge from within. 

“I’m sure we’ll get to do it one day.” 

Nick says this when referencing the opportunity for him and Charlie to share a bed, but the phrasing makes it sounds like he’s suggesting something much more intimate. He is immediately uncomfortable and backtracks, explaining that he didn’t mean “do it,” as Charlie looks into his eyes with a timid yet playful smile. 

Charlie lets him trip over his words for a bit, seemingly getting a little joy out of Nick’s discomfort before saying “I knew what you meant.” Once again, it is the combination of innocence and affection that makes this moment so endearing. They seem to always be on the same page, and neither party ever wants the other to feel rushed into next steps. 

“I’m not sure I’m ready for more than kissing.” 

In a similar vein as the moment above, Nick tells Charlie that he’s not sure he’s ready for more than kissing as Nick sits on his lap — their intimacy getting a little more hot and heavy than usual. It’s so refreshing to see Nick so vulnerable about his comfort levels, as men are often indoctrinated to be ready for sex at all times — often engaging in such activities before they’re emotionally and mentally prepared. 

Nick and Charlie boast a connection that allows for such openness. This moment is a sweet exchange, as Charlie notes that he wasn’t expecting to have sex, nor would he ever wish to have sex before Nick is ready. They’re both a bit uncomfortable by the conversation, but handle it like mature coming-of-age adolescents. Their awkward tension oozes out of the screen to envelop us at home, but the awkwardness is equally matched by their respect and devotion to one another. 

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