It Doesn’t Matter Why You Broke Up, What Matters Is What You Do Next

My attachment led to detachment.

I was rooting for us—before, during, and after. I honestly thought we’d find our way back to each other.

I partially moved on without giving myself entirely to anyone else, still holding onto the possibility of you.

I thought you were worth it because I felt that you were worth it. But my feelings didn’t match your feelings, and time did tell. I just had trouble listening because it wasn’t the message I wanted to hear.

Time apart led me away while static communication would bring you back into focus.

I loved every part of you without knowing if you ever really loved me back. I felt like you did, but if I’m honest, I rest unsure.

I let you break me because I thought that’s what love was. But why you tore me apart time after time, I’ll never know. I’m grateful to have reached a point where I’m okay with not knowing because I know enough.

Silence speaks as long as you know how to listen.

Loving someone doesn’t guarantee that they’ll love you back.

If someone does love you back, it doesn’t mean they’ll show you that they love you.

At times, they can show you the opposite of loving, but regardless of they feel, it’s up to you to react to their actions.

Don’t listen to what they say, listen to what they do, hear their actions, be sure of the maybes, and know the I don’t knows.

Listen to what hurts, because putting an end to that pain today will help you heal tomorrow.

Don’t wait or hope for the possibility of a possibility.

Take care of yourself today and remove yourself from the energy that doesn’t vibe with your current state.

Give both of you the chance to be in a better in a relationship.

The reason you entered this relationship no longer matters.

What does matter is what you’re going to do after—how you’re going to treat other people, how you’re going to treat yourself, and what kind of energy you’ll welcome into your life from this moment forward.

It’s hard to move on because sometimes living in the past feels safer, but it’s just familiar, and familiar does not mean safe.

Moving on takes uncomfortable change, so have the strength to say goodbye and mean it.

Don’t keep coming back to a place that hurts.

Don’t let rejection defeat you.

You’ve learned something. You know just how you want to be loved, so don’t stop fighting until you find exactly that, because you’re worth it and so much more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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