This Is What Kind Of Ghost You’d Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign / kparis


(March 21st to April 19th)

You’d be the hyper enthusiastic ghost. Adventurous and witty, sometimes you’ll be too stubborn to abstain from haunting the ones you left on Earth, especially knowing that’s forbidden. You’d creep under their sheets at night and clog their phones, just hoping they will somehow notice you. They won’t.


(April 20th to May 21st)

You’d be the serious and condescending ghost. You’d feel you are entitled to govern over all other ghosts because you consider yourself an old soul. At night, you’d judge everyone, Aries especially for their friendliness and outgoing-ness. You’d also keep a black book of everyone who’s ever hurt you and haunt them to their demise.


(May 22nd to June 21st)

You’d be the friendly ghost. Dreamy and exuberant, you’d try to communicate with people by all means. You’d practice your powers and harvest your skills for decades, just to become capable of slightly moving objects. Up until then, you’d just resume to watch movies with the living on their sofas, pretending to comb their hair.


(June 22nd to July 22nd)

You’d make the melancholic type of ghost. Always curious and nosy, you’d follow people everywhere they went and be especially frustrated that you can’t stalk their social media profiles any more. Instead, you’d watch over their shoulders as they share their deepest secrets, fears and emotions and you’d sigh, wishing you were still alive.


(July 23rd to August 22nd)

You’d be the greedy and needy ghost. Always feeling superior and craving validation, you’d have a hard time accepting your ethereal status. You’d try to find love, but as you’re extremely picky, the only fellow you’d feel close to is Taurus.


(August 23rd to September 22nd)

You’d be the misunderstood ghost. You’d literally ghost  everyone who doesn’t agree to your long sought for opinions. You’d feel like no one gets you – and in return, that you don’t get anyone.


(September 23rd to October 22nd)

You’d be the party ghost. Nothing can break your spirit, not even death. So you’d make your way through every social gathering and big event, making glasses empty themselves when no one’s watching, sneaking underneath girls’ skirts and mischievously changing the tune when everyone’s started dancing. You’d still be the life of the party, even after you come undone.


(October 23rd to November 22nd)

You’d make the solitary ghost. You’d stay away from people and as well from the company of fellow ghosts. You’d meditate at the purpose of life and death all day long, travel the world and analyze cultures you’ve never had the chance to discover during your life time. You’d mentally write thousands of books.


(November 23rd to December 21st)

You’d be the creative ghost, keeping up to the habits you used to have back when you are alive and well. You’d splash, paint with your eyes, draw, write and change the shape of things. The only regret you’d have is the inability to make love again with a human.


(December 22nd to January 20th)

You’d be the anxious ghost. You’d spend all day (and night, because ghosts don’t sleep) worrying about how you got here and especially how you could escape. You’d complain a lot and cry over the days when you could get drunk at a party over three beers and text your exes.


(January 21st to February 18th)

You’d be the intellectual ghost. With your newly discovered powers, you’d struggle to pass on important messages to humanity. Like fellow Gemini, you’d try to unblock the gate between the two worlds and become visible to the ones who loved you. If it took you 1000 years, you’d still keep trying.


(February 19th to March 20th)

You’d be the mysterious ghost who, due to its older soul, has mastered the skill to take the shape of various objects. You’d travel into people’s suitcases as a hair brush, feel the warmth of their skin again as a garment or get inside their heads in the shape of music. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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