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July 19, 2016

29 Creepy Ass Phone Call Stories That Will Make You Toss And Turn Tonight

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Always check the called ID before you answer a phone call. Otherwise, you might end up experience something as scary as these poor souls on Reddit did.

1. A stalker sent me a current picture of myself

Got a call while sitting in my car outside of a movie theater waiting for my friend to arrive, given he was only a minute or two away. Here’s the dialogue from the call:

ME: Hello?

CALLER: (deep male voice) Hello.

ME: Who is this?

CALLER: Do you have a moment to talk about Jesus? (At this point I figured it’s a friend fucking with me)

ME: Yeah, all hail Christ the King.

CALLER: Don’t lie to me. I know the sins you’ve committed.

ME: Yeah, I’m going to hell, I know.

CALLER: I’m watching you. Just know that I’ll always be watching. Click.

Not ten seconds later I got a picture of me in my car from the other side of the plaza I was in. Phone number was a local one and not a single person I know could identity it. I didn’t see a single familiar car leaving the parking lot and there wasn’t a single pedestrian walking from where the picture was taken from. I’m still spooked.

2. My grandmother was stuck in a time loop

I came home and my mom was freaking out because the phone was apparently “repeating” everything that the speaker on the opposite end of the line was saying. I looked at my mom like, “WTF are you saying” and decided to see what was going on myself. I call my grandma and start talking to her. Here’s how the dialogue went. This convo was in Chinese so here’s the translation:

Me: “Hey grandma, how are you doing?”

Grandma: “Hi honey, I’m doing great. So your parents are coming to Hong Kong, make sure you lock the door to your house before you sleep at night.”

Me: “Yeah, grandma I know…”

Rest of the convo is unimportant but basically she asks to speak to my mom.

Me: “Okay, bye grandma!”

Grandma: “Hi, honey.”

Me: “Yeah grandma?”

Grandma: “I’m doing great. So your parents are coming to Hong Kong…”

At this point I kinda freaked out. Basically the whole conversation kept looping around and apparently my grandma told us later that the whole time her phone had been disconnected. There’s probably a technical explanation for this but it was pretty creepy at the time.