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Adrien Field is a spiritual playboy. He is the founder of Tibetan Socks, a socially responsible line of hand knit ...

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At twenty-six, after eight years of sleeping with men, pursuing casual affairs with some sixty forgotten names and faces, I feel it is time to settle down – with a woman.

I have never made much money at anything and the anxiety and stress of debt have nearly driven me to suicide, or at least entertain the morose notion at times.

Meditation is a great mystery to many. But in reality, there is nothing simpler – and yet it is precisely for this apparent simplicity that people go on misunderstanding it.

The puppy, a girl, was afraid and came forward with trepidation, smelling the peanut butter and retreating. She was afraid of anything that moved quickly or loudly. I stayed crouched on the ground, beckoning her to me. Slowly, she came closer and smelled my hand.

I had assumed that anyone coming to India to attend a course with the goal to receive a teaching certification would themselves be dedicated yogis, coming with years of practice.

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