How To Find And Keep A Sugar Daddy

I have a close friend who in one week went from being a homeless couch-surfing fitness instructor to living in a fabulous apartment near the beach and driving a Porsche while decked out in the latest Valentino.  She didn’t win the lottery, so to speak.  All these were gifts from her new, very rich boyfriend.

When you have a taste for the finer things in life but your credit card limit is reached and there’s not even enough cash in the bank account to pick up the dry cleaning, you have two options: hunt for a job or hunt for a sugar daddy (or mamma).  To some, the former is more dignified, but will likely not catapult you into the lifestyle you wish to pursue, at least not immediately. The later can certainly be more pleasurable, but it is not without its pitfalls and requires its own skill sets that aren’t generally listed on a résumé.

What’s first important to establish is that there is nothing nefarious in the sugar parent / baby relationship.  There is an equal exchange between money and youth/beauty in which one is attracted to the other.  Neither party must take the other for granted – the younger should not see the elder as solely a pocket book and the elder should not see the younger as a possession, bought and paid for.

With that groundwork established: here are some places you might find the man / woman with the means to make your dreams come true:

Hotel lobby bars

Go to the swankiest 5-star establishment on a weeknight and you’re bound to find many a single traveler enjoying a double martini at the bar.  Wear something simple and chic that doesn’t advertise you as a prostitute, as there will inevitably be professionals in the same fishing grounds.  It’s helpful to bring a friend along so that you don’t look like you’re obviously hunting.

Airport lounges

This is supposing you at least have the means to be flying and lounge access, which can be bought for around $50 per pass if you have neither airline status nor a business class ticket.  Since nearly all the patrons are business fliers, you have a great chance of meeting someone with both means and miles.

Polo matches / Horse races

Polo is called the sport of kings because it costs a prince’s ransom to own and maintain horses.  It helps to know some basic facts and information about whichever event you’re attending lest you reveal yourself as a neophyte.  Pretend to be a lot more interested than you are and play up any past horsing experiences you have may have had as a child.

Charity functions

Again this requires some funds for a ticket, but the investment can be considered worthwhile as you’re helping both the charity and yourself, the charity case.  Take a look at who’s bidding on the high-priced silent auction items and make them bid on you too.

Once you’ve found your Daddy Warbucks, you must work to prove yourself worthy of the lifestyle which will be shown to you.

Be grateful

No one wants to feel like they’re being taken for granted or used.  You may not have the funds to reciprocate on an expensive dinner, but one shouldn’t underestimate the value of small tokens of appreciation.  Pick up flowers or coffee every once in a while.  Leave a nice note.  Say “thank you.”

Be a good homemaker

If your partner is bringing home the bacon, the least you can do is help fry it once in a while.  If you’re terrible in the kitchen, help make sure the house is properly run and always leave things in a better condition than you found them.

Look good

This should almost go without saying and you should do this for yourself as much as anyone else, but if the relationship is originally based on an exchange of looks, you should make sure to maintain them.

Be interesting

No one will seriously date a dolt.  One must be able to make intelligent conversation, otherwise things will get stale quickly and your relationship will never see the light of day.  Be someone they can introduce to their friends, meaning read the newspaper every once in a while. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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