50 Ex-Cons Reveal The Bad Habit They've Had Trouble Breaking After Being Released From Prison

50 Ex-Cons Reveal The Bad Habit They’ve Had Trouble Breaking After Being Released From Prison

Adjusting to ‘the real world’ after spending time in prison is not as simple as it sounds. These ex-cons from Ask Reddit share the habits they had trouble breaking.

1. I didn’t use a fork for a few weeks. Ate everything with a spoon without thinking.

2. Trading food. When I got out, I asked my girlfriend to trade me her chicken wings for my macaroni. Pure habit. I really could’ve just went to the kitchen and got more chicken.

3. When my dad got out of prison (10+ years) we nicknamed him Martha Stewart because he was such a clean freak. His home looks like an Ikea catalog, he has glass containers for his shoes, he wakes up early to iron/wash/scrub everything. When I lived with him for a year, I was grounded so many times over leaving water drops in the sink.

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