45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

13. She cheated on me with her brother and then tried to get me arrested for finding out.

“She cheated on me with her brother and then tried to get me arrested for finding out.

So basically her and her brother were always pretty close and latch onto each other. I never seemed unhealthy until one day I was over at their house and they started play wrestling. Her finishing move on him was to grab his dong and yank on it.

That should have been my first clue there was something off about the two of them.

Then there was one weekend where they said they were going to go away for the weekend. I had to work so I didn’t think much of it. I stopped by her place on the way home from work to drop off a DVD in her mailbox. I get there and put it in the mailbox and am about to turn around and leave when I hear something coming from their basement window. Thinking they may have left the TV on I just peek into the window. And then I see the two of them going at each other like dogs on a front lawn.

It’s kinda hazy after this but next thing I know I’m at home drinking one of my dad’s beers trying to process what I had just seen. The next day at school I co fronted her about it and instead of an answer I just got a look of hatred and she walked away. Naturally I assumed it was over.

The next day in the middle of class I get called down to the principal’s office and am greeted by a police officer who told me I was being charged for stalking and harassment of my now ex girlfriend. She told the police that I had been following her around school and threatening her (and I shit you not one of her complaints was that I “looked at her”. The fucking assholes at the school basically told me what happened didn’t matter, I was in trouble because she was “scared” of me and I was “dangerous” because of how I had threatened her. None of which actually happened, so ultimately I wasn’t charged but I was warned that I wasn’t allowed to talk to her or contact her or I’d be arrested.

Looking back there was probably a lawsuit in there about defamation of character and stupidity on behalf of the school, but I’ve left that town and that time behind.”



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