45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

44. She was cutting herself in my bed. I still have bloodstains on my pillow.

“She was cutting herself in my bed. I still have bloodstains on my pillow. :c”


45. A part of me still loves her.

“I should’ve known after the 86 missed calls she left me after one of our arguments. But that was merely the appetizer…

The night we broke up began with her getting smashed with mates, and deciding she wanted to see me, she got in her car and smashed it into the sidewalk.

I was channel surfing YouTube when she called me at 2am – drunk, distressed and angry. I asked if she was all right and got attacked on the phone. Because of her history I hung up and turned my phone off.

She walked 7km’s to my house at 2am through the inner city and started screaming blue murder in the street. Me, still oblivious to the situation, told her (over the intercom) to go home and go sleep.

She scaled the gate, through electric fencing (I live in a complex) and started screaming how I was an abusive bf outside my front door.

I let her in, and she slams me a 5 knuckle sandwich with all the condiments, breaks some of my things and what ensues is the most grueling insult match of the 21st century.

Things cool down. She spends the night. Somehow we still have sex. Next morning I take her home and help her with the car.

A part of me still loves her.” Ditt0s Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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