45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

20. She kicked out my window in a drunken craze.

“Was going out clubbing for a mate’s birthday, she got ridiculously drunk at home while we were pre-drinking and I told her that she should stay home as she was going to get refused entry or kicked out early which would mean I would have to leave and my mates would also want to come home with us, effectively ruining my mate’s birthday.

I said if she could walk down the hallway and back (approx. 10m) without touching the walls she could come and watched her bounce from wall to wall the entire way. She seemed to agree with me at this point and went to bed, told her we would be back in a few hours and would keep partying which she was keen for.

20 minutes later we are leaving and I go into our room to check on her only to find the window has been smashed and she is nowhere to be found. Me and a mate went for a run around the block to try and find her but decided that she was just pissed and had left and we decided to head out in town anyway.

Came home at 3am (about 4 hours later) and found her sitting on the front doorstep pouting like a child. Let her inside, told her I didn’t want to discuss what happened when we were drunk. She wanted to drive home so I stole and hid her keys, put her in bed and went back out to my mates. Went to sleep on the couch and told her to gtfo in the morning when I thought she could drive home. She told me she had kicked out the window, left via the window and had hid in a tree as she had seen me and my mate looking for her, apparently I should have stayed home instead of going clubbing to find her.

TL;DR: Crazy ex kicked out my window in a drunken craze.”



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