26 Doctors Reveal Their Most Gruesome Cases That Should Have Ended In Death

Doctors have to see disturbing things every single day. Here are some of the most gruesome stories they have from Ask Reddit that aren’t for the faint of heart.
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1. He had a bloody mass at the top of his neck

“3 AM on a Saturday. I was working in the emergency room of a level 1 trauma center and we had 3 people coming in after a gun battle. We only had 2 beds designated for severe trauma, so there was the typical discussion re: which 2 people to try to stabilize and which person to delegate to the make shift trauma bay. Do we focus on the most severely injured or the 2 most likely to survive? After what seemed to be a nearly comically drawn out and shakingly quiet/still wait, the first 2 victims arrived and the stillness flipped to chaos.

The first person wheeled in… just didn’t seem to have a head. There was this bloody mass at the top of his neck but it didn’t look human. I remember being so confused that we were using one of the bays for this person/body, who just could not still be alive. I was looking him over and I noticed his left thumb was was calmly and repeatedly cracking the knuckles on his left hand. It would squeeze one finger and rhythmically work down the other 4 and start over. He didn’t have any anatomy left that we could easily intubate and yet he was cracking his knuckles. I still can’t make sense of it. He didn’t stay alive much longer, maybe a couple of hours, but that knuckle cracking seemed like such a human thing to do for someone that had no reason to still be alive.” — redmoskeeto

2. She had a bullet hole in the center of her forehead

“In Brazil, you can to internship way earlier than in most of America and Europe med schools, so keep that in mind.

I was in my 4th year of med-school and in the first day as a intern in a trauma hospital (after training). There was a bus crash right before, so all the staff was occupied when a woman came in screaming: ‘I AM GOING TO DIE! I GOT SHOT IN THE HEAD!’

When I look up I see a really thin woman, deep eyes, white as snow skin… with a bullet hole in the center of her forehead. She told us she owned money to a drug dealer and he put a gun agains his head, shot and ran. Now, I believe because she has burn marks and gun powder right there in her skin (and a hole).

Now remind that I am a student, and there was no available Doctors in the moment. So I run to my professor (that was with another patient) and tell her story….and also that she is lucid, with normal life signs…and get a order to do a CT scan.

The CT shows that the bullet entered the forehead trough the first layer of the frontal bone, but not the second, and headed down trough her pallatus, trought and stopped at a vertebra (c5 if I recall correctly). No brain damage at all.

So we intern her and a trachesotomy is put in place, along with emergency reconstructive surgery (only a first, not definitive approach), along with a cervical collar.

After she is stable, 3 hours latter in her room (3rd floor) we go down to see other patients. The emergency then gets a call:

-Hello. We are from the X hospital (20km away from ours) and we found a patient of yours in our emergency. Then the nurses on the floor realize she was missing.

She jumped a 3rd storage floor, broke her ankle and got in buses until the other hospitals. Why?

‘I saw him in here, he came to finish the job.’

And before you ask, yes, some people lost their jobs.” — ElLocoS


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