26 Cops On The Creepiest Thing They Found During A House Search

Unsplash / Clem Onojeghuo

1. Her dog ate off her face

“I used to volunteer with my local PD. Nothing will beat the old lady who passed away in her house and her little dog ate her face. Literally just the skin from the jaw line to the hair line and from ear to ear. It left the eyeballs in the sockets. Just a skeleton in a lady suit, doing the 1000 yard stare.” — robinson217

2. Teeth were lodged in the walls and floor

“A cop I know, his first day on the job he goes to a suicide call. Shotgun in a chair, pulled the trigger with his toe. There were like, white things stuck in the wall and on the floor. He didn’t know what they were. Yup, teeth.

Another one told me of the guy who was forced at gunpoint to shoot his own dick off. Rival drug dealers.” — DeucesCracked

3. His skin popped from the heat

“My very first dead guy had been in his house for almost a week during a very hot July with no A/C…

Did you know that you skin will become clear and you can see EVERYTHING? He popped when the funeral home came to get him. Yes, popped. Some people, they’re not bothered by this. Me? No no no. I don’t have the stomach. This is the only part of the job that bothers me.” — MaxTitration16

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