It Sucks To Be A Man: 66 Guys Explain Why

48. We’re never allowed to show that something bothers us.

“You always have to hold up the facade of nothing bothering you.
You’re a man, after all, swallow it up. Don’t be a little bitch.”


49. We can be crushingly, absolutely alone, and no one cares..

“I am so crushingly, absolutely alone. I have almost no face to face interaction that isn’t work. I have two friends in the area but they are married to each other and are very busy. And I can talk to people online all day. I can text. I can call. But none of that changes the fact that I feel like my chest is so hollow it feels like I’m just going to collapse in on myself. It all feels so fake, like I’m just talking to myself or some kind of social masturbation. I haven’t felt valued in any way in years. I literally cannot remember the last time I received any sort of compliment. I’m just a faceless cog in the machine, waiting for the inevitable day I break and have to be replaced. And that’s supposed to be fucking normal. I don’t know what to do. I’m starting to wonder if I can even do anything.”


59. We are constantly expected to be stoic and emotionless.

“I could say a lot of things, from being constantly expected to be stoic and emotionless, to having to constantly ignore people who think it’s fine to do stuff ‘just because’ I’m a man.

But one thing that makes my blood boil is the laws on rape in the UK. Example; men in the UK cannot be raped by a woman. It’s impossible, not because everyone here is great and respects each other, but since rape is defined as the nonconsensual penetration of a penis, women can’t rape, even if they drugged you. Even if they took advantage of you.

Domestic abuse. It’s unknown how many men actually experience domestic abuse, because people always comment on the signs and symptoms of domestic abuse as if they’re talking about a man. People don’t realize that it can also apply to them, and since we’re expected to ‘put up with it’ and ‘be a man,’ the crime rates for it are artificially high. In fact, this comment here sums it up perfectly.

Men inside teaching. Men are constantly looked at as a pedophile while teaching children, or playing with children, at all.

You would think I would be over? But I’m not. False rape accusations. False rape accusations against men are a massive problem. Not only do they happen every day, but they’re malicious, they’re disgusting, and even if innocent, many people treat them as if they’re guilty. Nearly every. single. time. the person is not prosecuted for filing a false rape report, even when they’re as destroying as they are.

This, plus a lot more double standards, and you get why it sucks to be a man.”


515. We get laughed at when we talk about our problems.

“People laugh at your problems.”


52. We are never the victim.

“You are never the victim—you are either weak or projecting.”


53. We are expected to be tall but can’t expect a woman to be skinny.

“Guys are expected to be tall (which they cannot control) but can’t expect someone to be skinny (which is more controllable to some degree). Neither should be the expectation.”



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