It Sucks To Be A Man: 66 Guys Explain Why

Filip Cernak
Found on AskReddit.

1. We come last—after women and children.

“Rampant sexism against men.

Why are there federal set asides for ‘Women Owned Small Businesses’?

Why are men automatically disbelieved on campus when accused of rape?

Why do women usually get the children in divorce?

Why are women and children first?”


2. We are disposable.

“Being disposable.

The world does not care about men the same way it cares about women.

A woman dying violently is a hate crime; a man dying violently is a Tuesday.”


3. We don’t get touched.

“Men don’t get touched. Platonic physical intimacy is important and men generally don’t get it from others. We’re taught not to from a young age because it’s socially inappropriate. Try introducing in your lives or in the lives of the men around you. Simple touch makes a difference.”


4. We have to cry in secret.

“You have to cry in secret.”


5. We are treated as second-class citizens by female teachers.

“As a high school student, the worst part of being a man is the treatment of male students. I once had an old female teacher that spread each boy apart, but let all the girls sit together wherever they wanted. Men are the easiest to pin the blame on when anything goes wrong for some reason.”


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