28 Creeped Out People On The Paranormal Activity They’ve Experienced IRL

16. A chair moved all on its own

Pretty simple story. I was an early riser as a kid, and since I walked to school that meant I was often the first person there. Sometimes I’d talk to my teachers in the morning about homework or even doing extra work.

Well one day I got to class, first one there and all, and my teacher leaves to get something from the printer. She says she’s not supposed to leave me alone in the room, but since she’s gotten to know me and trusts me she’ll just lock the door behind her and will be back in two minutes.

She leaves, I hear the door lock, and not ten seconds later one of the chairs of a desk in front of me SLAMS itself into the desk. I practically shit my pants, unlocked the door and bolted for the front office. Never went to school early again.

17. The ghost of my dog visited my room

Several years ago, while I was a freshman in high school, my dog died of an inoperable tumor in his liver. Fast forward six or eight months, I’m home alone. My brother was just hospitalized, beginning his two year, one month journey of near death, surgeries, and recovering.) My parents were at work, so I was home by myself after I had got off from rehearsal.

I went to the kitchen to find some food and took it to my room to eat. When I was just outside my door, I had a strange feeling that someone was behind me, and that I wasn’t alone in the house. Turning around, I saw nobody was there. Before I entered my room, I caught a glimpse of a misty figure about knee level. I was slightly creeped out but just brushed it off as nothing. I go into my room and sit on my bed, with the door closing behind me, but not completely shut. I was on my bed, staring at the door, still in disbelief about what I had saw. Suddenly, the door pushes open gently and slightly. Just like my dog used to do.

At that point, I wasn’t scared, but more comforted in the fact he was there with me. It is a weird feeling, but if you’ve ever experienced it, you’d understand what I mean. I eventually told my mom what happened, several weeks later, and she said she had been experiencing strange things also. When we got a new dog, who was a 4 month old puppy at the time, she would also stare at things curiously. One time, she was staring at the curtains for the longest time, but staying were she was, and the curtains began gently moving, as if someone had touched them. There was no draft right there as I found out after.

I miss that sweet boy of mine. We rescued him from a life as an abandoned and mistreated dog, and was very loyal and protective of the whole family. Although this story wasn’t as creepy as many others, I feel that my experiences justify why I believe in ghosts and residual energy.


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