28 Creeped Out People On The Paranormal Activity They’ve Experienced IRL

23. I blinked and everyone disappeared

One weekend I was walking through my old grade school to get into town (small town maybe 1200 people) when I turn a corner of the building into the parking lot. In the parking lot was one black sedan, nothing notable, no identifying marks… but nothing too unusual. I’m maybe 20m away.

Except the passengers.

There was four completely white, definitely Albino looking men. Bald, black eyes looking straight ahead. A moment after noticing them they all turn and look at me in unison. Their heads snapped instantly and all four of them met my eyes.

I jolted back around the corner then slowly looked back around to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Nope there was the car and the men still looking at me.

Then I blinked and the car was empty.

I leave the way I came… take the long road into town, all the while feeling as if I was followed.

I’ll never forget that day, hallucination or not, it’s burned into that part of my brain that helps you frequently remember all the scary shit that’s ever happened to you.

24. Something we couldn’t see spoke my name

This happened recently. My grandma came over to visit, it was just her and me in the house, she was sitting on the couch reading a book, I was sitting next to the couch on a chair, when all of a sudden I hear my name, clear as day so I turn to my grandma and she turns to me and asks “Did you say something?”

“No, I thought you called me that’s why I turned.”

She says, “I heard someone say your name.”

Then I was like…. fuck.

25. We all had the same exact dream

After my grandmother passed away, everyone in my family had the same dream of sitting down with her at a restaurant talking about her will.

26. A spirit messed with my gun

I bought an old Mosin Nagant 1891/30 rifle. For those who don’t know guns, it’s the main rifle of the Soviet army in World War 2. I had just cleaned it after a range trip and put the rifle and bayonet in the gun safe.

Fast forward a few weeks when I’m about to go shoot again. Open the gun safe and what do I find? The bayonet is attached to the rifle. I’m the only one in the family with keys to safe and the only one who would even open the safe, yet alone touch what’s inside.

Now, from what I’ve read in Soviet field guides, Soviet doctrine said that a bayonet should only be removed when cleaning the weapon or when traveling by rail. I theorized that it was the spirit of a long dead conscript keeping his rifle battle ready.


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