28 Creeped Out People On The Paranormal Activity They’ve Experienced IRL

20. My friend can predict the sound of screams

A friend of mine tends to wake up in the middle of the night and then go to sleep a few moments after. The weird thing is that (almost) every night, he wakes up at 3:38 am PRECISELY and shortly after a gruesome howl (like a very freaky powerful scream, but at low volume), will appear for approximately 10 seconds, and then just.. .nothing. I wish I could say he was crazy, but after I crashed at his place one night, he woke me up just after he himself had woken up (at 3:38 am again) and he said “Now! Listen.” I heard the scream too. I have never felt such an intense fear in my life.

21. I had a feeling my old sweetheart had passed away

Just an incredible coincidence but 2 weeks ago I was grocery shopping and I thought about a girl who hadn’t come to mind in years (over a decade). We were middleschool sweethearts for about a minute and then I just forgot about her until that moment. When I got home I googled her to see what she was up to (was she still hot?) and I found a blog posting about an hour old from her current SO announcing that she had just passed away from cancer.

22. I saw a shadow figure move across my bed

I’m sure all of these things had logical explanations, but they freaked me out at the time. I don’t know if I believe in “ghosts”, in the most widely accepted terms, but I’m sure there are things out there which science has yet to discover.

When I was about eight, I was going to bed in my room when a grey thing about the size of a football slowly moved across the foot of my bed, slightly pulling the blankets as it went. It dipped down when it got to the end and I couldn’t find any trace of it. We had cats, but my door was closed and none were in my room at the time. My parents wouldn’t believe me(I can’t say I would have if it were one of my kids) and I was terrified for ages.

In the same room as the previous event, I had a door which opened to a screened porch type thing. There was no other way to get in to it as it was locked many times from the inside at the other exit. Every so often the door would make a sound which was like someone throwing their whole body in to it. A big “thump” with various elements as if different limbs were striking it, so it was a pretty defined “someone is on the other side” noise and not just the normal creaks and pops of an old, new england home. This happened during any time of the day or night. One evening it just kept happening. Over and over. Like someone was trying to break their way in to my room. I made my dad check it out while I stood behind to see, and nothing. He closed it up, locked the door, and went about his business. Then it started again. Quietly at first, then building up to loud crashes. Had dad check again. Again, nothing there. I have NO idea what it was, but it was freaky as hell.

In the same house there were lots of little things which I’m sure had more to do with being a freaked out kid than anything else. I had many instances of terrible sleep paralysis where I could feel something grabbing lightly at my feet and/or pushing on my belly and chest, I would often see cats skirt about my feet or around doorways when there was no cat there, I would hear angry, indecipherable whispers when sleeping in the living room, etc. Creepy, old house.

During the same time period, but this was my friend’s house. She lived in a two family home, on the top floor. They had a shared attic with a stairway up to it which was next to her room. Her downstairs neighbor was an elderly woman and she lived there for many years. After she died we would often hear very human sounding footsteps in the attic, but not going up the stairs behind her room TO the attic(which were normally very audible).

When I was pregnant with my first child, we lived in a small house in NM. One day I’m sitting on my computer(surprise!) and our dog starts barking in the yard, so I turn around to look out the window. As I do this, I see what I think is our dog walk from the front door, past the couch, and in to the bedroom. Only then I realize that our bedroom door is closed and our dog is outside. This one freaks me out a bit as I was an adult when it happened, but there are also easy explanations for this sort of thing. Still freaky.

A few years ago, we’re living in a new home in TX. I’m home alone with the kids and my husband is out of town for work. It’s the middle of the day, so I wasn’t exactly freaked out. Then something bangs on the house from the outside. Not unusual, could be anything. Then it happens again on the other side. Then the back door. It keeps going around the house in circles and gets faster. It was way too quick for it to have been something running circles around the house. I finally(I say finally, but this all happened in a matter of less than a minute) get the nerve to open the back door and look, and there’s nothing there. It stopped after I looked. Gave me a pit in my stomach.


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