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28 Creeped Out People On The Paranormal Activity They’ve Experienced IRL

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Audrey Reid
Audrey Reid

1. My friend had a premonition about a stabbing

My best friend dreamed about my stepfather getting stabbed.

My family was pretty white trash, and on one particular evening my uncle and stepfather got into an altercation outside of our house wherein my stepfather got stabbed in the back. He fell on me coming back inside and in the process I got coated in blood. The cops were called and he was taken away in an ambulance as my mother and myself drove to the hospital. This was about 1am.

This is before the internet and cell phones and all that jazz, so there was no way anyone beyond our next door neighbors knew about this. When we returned back to the house at about 4 or 5 in the morning, there was a message on the answering machine from my best friend crying, apologizing for calling so late, but asking me to call her right away because she had dreamed of me being covered in blood. The message was time stamped as the same time the incident occurred, about 1am. We had missed her call because we were outside with the paramedics.

2. My wife saw a dead man’s ghost at the hospital

I have a good one. Technically happened to my wife not me, but a good story.

My wife is an RN and she was on float to another unit helping out (she normally worked cardiac but she was helping out in the Alzheimer’s unit). She was saving a particular patient for last as the patient was known to be a real pain. Very old, mean to everyone and just generally tried to make the nurses miserable. She and the respiratory therapist got to the patients room at the same time so they decided to tackle her together. They got into the room and the patient had smeared shit all over the walls of the bathroom and the hospital room, she was standing on the bed screaming and jumping up and down on the bed. The two of them somehow got the patient calmed down, got the horrible mess cleaned up, and got their jobs done. She said it took about three hours. They then got went out and put a do not disturb sign on the door to make sure the patient could stay calm and get some sleep. They were standing one person on each side of the door (herself and the repertory therapist) catching their breath and proclaiming how much that sucked when they spotted someone. A big farmer looking guy wearing a John Deere baseball cap, overalls, a red plaid checkered shirt and big work boots coming down the hospital hallway (and he looked kind of annoyed). He walked right past them into the patient’s room slamming the door open. My wife caught the door on the back swing and marched right into the room after him (respiratory therapist right behind her) planning on dragging him back out and giving him a piece of her mind. When she got in the room he was not there.

No sign of the person she followed in.

She looked under the bed.

She looked in the bathroom.

She checked behind all of the curtains.

She even made sure the window still would not open.

No sign of the farmer at all. She then noticed the patient was sitting upright in the bed just kind of staring off into space. So she asked her: “Did you just see someone come into the room?” The patient said “Yes, it was my daddy; he said he was coming to take me home tonight and that you mean people won’t be able to hurt me anymore.” She responded with: “That’s great, how about you get some rest before he comes to pick you up.” The patient then lay down and went to sleep.

The patient died that night.

My wife and the respiratory therapist swapped stories to make sure they were not crazy, they both saw it.

3. The baby’s crib collapsed

My grandparents went to a party being thrown by a friend of theirs when they were just married. It was a few other couples, and as they were sitting around, the hostess mentioned she just got a Ouija Board but hadn’t tried it out yet. So my Grandma, and a few of the other ladies set it up and started asking questions. There was nothing too spooky the first few rounds of questions being asked. Eventually one of the women asked a question and the board spelled out ‘Go Home’ thinking it was the hostess making a joke everyone laughed it off. Everyone else asked their questions without much of a response until it got to the same woman, again the board spelled out ‘Go Home’. The next two questions she asked all she would see was ‘Go Home’. Everyone swore they weren’t moving the piece so the woman being freaked out got her husband and they left. When they got home they found the babysitter passed out on their couch and their baby’s crib had collapsed. The baby only had a couple scratches and was fine.

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