17 Types Of Sex Every Healthy Couple Has

17 Types Of Sex Every Healthy Couple Has

1. Special occasion sex.

Cuz it’s his birthday or Christmas or his dog just died and you’re like “we should prolly…”

2. Sleep sex.

When you kinda wake up to a dispassionate butt-grab and decide to roll with it.

3. Sloppy sex.

When you’re drunk and have lost complete control of your fine motor skills but still know how to ride a d.

4. Obligatory sex.

The “meh” kind you have simply because you just showered and you guess you could be into it.

5. Kinky sex.

Because life is too short to pretend like u don’t get spanked.

6. Sensitive sex.

Because sometimes you’re tryna ~make love~.

7. Speed sex.

When one of you has to be somewhere in 20 minutes but you’re also horny af so you make it happen in 10 minutes or less.

8. Bad sex.

When somebody’s just not wet enough, and nothing feels all that great. It happens.

9. Funny sex.

When somebody farts or starts scatting or does something equally weird and you can’t stop laughing so you have to take a break.

10. Angry sex.


11. Make-up sex.

When you wanted to slice each other open (in a decidedly nonsexual way) five minutes ago but now you’re feeling each other again.

12. “I owe you” sex.

Because there are times when you’re down to sell your body. Simple as that.

13. Experimental sex.

Your friend told you about some weird sex thing she read about. It sounds freaky af but you wanna try it. So you do.

14. Sick sex.

You do it because you think it’ll make you feel better, but snot ends up in places it should never, ever exist. That doesn’t stop you from trying again during the next flu season, tho.

15. Post-gym sex.

When you’re sweaty and full of energy and throw your slippery bodies on top of each other just becuz you can.

16. No penetration sex.

Because there are times you just don’t feel like getting poked.

17. All-for-her/all-for-him sex.

Because focusing on your partner’s pleasure is hot! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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