A Thank You Letter To Male Allies On #InternationalWomensDay

Alvin Mahmudov

Today is International Women’s Day, the 8th of March, 2017. The day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women around the globe. The theme for this year’s Women’s Day is “Be Bold for Change,” but while the whole world struggles and pledges to give equal rights and equal opportunities to females around the globe, I think it is important to take a moment and thank the people who have been an integral part of this fight – the men.

To our fathers who treated us as their little princesses, but made us strong enough to find our own flight with the wings of confidence they bestowed upon us, thank you for making us fighters and always believing in us.

To the brothers who were always there to pull our pigtails and yet would break the nose of any guy who dared to catcall us, thank you for teaching us that it is not ok to be treated as some piece of meat and how to throw a punch when someone does.

To the male friends who enjoyed our company and came to us with their girl problems, thank you for making us realize that our opinion counts and we are fun to be around, regardless of our platonic relationship.

To the male bosses and colleagues who saw the potential in us and gave us that tricky project because they believed in us and our capabilities, thank you for showing us that we are much more than our gender and the stereotypes that follow us around in the corporate world.

To the lovers who broke our heart and the promises they made while being love-drunk, thank you for making us understand that self-love is primary and that you cannot expect another to love you and accept you when you yourself are struggling with accepting everything that you are.

To the husbands we had the good fortune of marrying, thank you for being our partners in crime, for having our back when shit went down, and above all, for teaching us that someday someone crazy enough will walk into your life who will love you as much as you love him.

To the lovely sons we are blessed to have, thank you for showing us that we can turn the naughtiest of brats into absolute gentlemen who will love and cherish the women in their lives just like the ones we had the privilege of meeting in this wonderful journey of self-discovery.

And to all men in general, thank you for being a part of this constant struggle where women fight for their own space, rights and freedom in an otherwise patriarchal society.

It is because of gentlemen like you that we women have faith and confidence that a society of equality is not just a Utopian dream but an achievable feat!

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