This Is The Love Story I Am In

This Is The Love Story I Am In

The one in which I’m constantly falling in love with the kindness of strangers. Some of who are here for a season to teach me a lesson and some who seem to stay through blizzards, flowers blooming, and sunny days.

The one in which I land in Chicago in the hours of the moon, instantly becoming one of my favorite getaways.

Where I explore windy rooftops, indoor pools overlooking cityscapes, steamy saunas that lead to no sleep and straight to the airport to my next destination.

The one in which I exhale the city to disconnect in Oregon and inhale the scenery to reconnect with myself.

The one in which a night in Seattle leads to one of the rawest conversations I’ve had, the one in which I witness my friend’s eyes covered in tears for me. And no, someone doesn’t need to cry for you to show you they care, but because at that moment, I realized how lucky I am to have people in my life that connect to my soul.

The one in which I watch shooting stars in a desert wonderland, connecting constellations with my fingers.

The one in which salty waters hold my weight while watching the swaying of the palm trees.

The one in which I choose to start over again. Because I can.

The one in which Sunrise is a fresh start and Sunset a humbling end.

The one in which I change my mind about what I want in a future relationship that I did not want in the past.

The one in which I love every inch of myself before loving someone else.

Where I hold company within my self over warm coffee and the silence that comes from rising before the city.

The one in which vulnerability is honesty and a gateway to growth, anything else has no soul.

The one in which I no longer feel guilty for not responding to people who don’t understand the word NO.

The one in which I no longer go back and forth because I now know that some conversations no longer serve me and it’s best to let go.

And I know I said ours was my favorite story but I changed my mind.

This is my favorite love story. This moment. With the many places, I’ve been. The many people I’ve encountered. The moments I’ve shared in the company of someone else and in the company of my self.

You don’t have to wait for someone else to have a love story.

If you are searching for love it’s right in front of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

When you think you are falling, but really collapsing into supernovas.

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