The Unedited Truth About The Girls You Call ‘Crazy’

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

“All girls are psycho.” It’s an explanation often cried by immature boys who can’t come up with a real reason on why they can’t commit to a girl or when they just want to get rid of her in general.

But what exactly makes a girl “psycho”? The truth is that most girls that are called this are really not psycho at all. Have you boys ever seen Gone Girl? Has a girl pulled that stunt on you? Pretended to be missing/murdered and frame you for the crime as revenge? No?

Then she’s probably not psycho, she probably just really likes you.

Sure, us girls may joke about being psycho and crazy with our friends because we drunk texted that guy we like 5 times in a row or stalked his ex’s Instagram page all the way back to their high school prom. But joking around with our friends about it is far different than being called that by a guy we like. Reputations (unfortunately) tend to stick with a person so branding a girl a “psycho” could very well affect her chances at a new relationship in the future.

Even though the truth is she’s really not that crazy, you’re just emotionally immature. 

She’s psycho because she asks you questions about what you’re doing? Maybe she just genuinely cares about what you are doing. If you aren’t doing anything shady then why not just share your plans with her. And if she is investigating a little extra, the chances are it is because she doesn’t trust you because of something that happened in the past. Think about it and be considerate of her feelings before name-calling. She’s not always prying for an invite to whatever you are doing, because chances are she probably has plans of her own with her friends, this can literally just be a topic of casual conversation.

So what if she wants to hang out a lot? This is a good thing.

She is not stalking or suffocating you. She just enjoys her time with you and would rather spend it with you rather than some other guy.

Boys should consider this a high compliment rather than a high warning sign. Blowing off a girl who shows genuine interest in you only proves your crazy commitment issues. And if you don’t feel the same about her then be honest, don’t be a coward.  Leading her own could cause her to actually go crazy on you for lying. Girls respond much better to honesty than you might believe.

She may text you 10 times in a row but she’s not really crazy- she is either 1) drunk (probably very drunk) 2) misses you 3) she is mad about something you did. And if boys would just answer the damn message then the girl would have no reason to text multiple times in a row anyway.

A girl should not be given the “crazy” title just because she is upfront and acts on her feelings about someone.

I don’t discount that there are some extremely crazy bitches out there who do some wild stuff but for the most part, girls are just more sensitive than boys especially when it comes to falling for/ showing their true feelings for someone. Boys want to appear tough and masculine especially around their friends which is probably they use the word psycho as a defense to prove they’re not as emotional as women.

Don’t mistake craziness for caring. The realities are very different.

So boys, better think twice and analyze the situation the next time you want to call a girl crazy or psycho because she might just go real Amazing Amy on your ass as a result.

And hey, maybe guys are the “psycho” ones for not understanding (or having?) feelings at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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