15 Signs He’s The Marrying Kind

Silvia Sala
Silvia Sala

1. He’s excited about the future. With you. He doesn’t just dream about it and talk about it. He’s making concrete plans to make it happen and you’re part of those plans. It doesn’t freak him out to talk about things he wants to have down the road because he’s ready for it.

2. He talks in “We’s” and considers you in his future endeavors. “We love that show!” he’ll say to friends when the topic arises and “We’re trying to figure out our weekend,” when someone asks him for plans. You’re part of the equation now and he factors you into his decisions.

3. He’s genuinely excited to introduce you to his family. It’s not something he feels awkward about or that will accelerate your relationship in a way he’s not ready for. He’s ready to take that next step and is proud to show you off.

4. His friends all know about you. You realize this when you meet them because they know enough details about you to prove he’s been talking about you often. He’s ok being asked a ton of questions and even getting teased for all of the times he’s been “missing” from hanging with the boys because he’s been spending that time with you.

5. He’s got an extra skip in his step all because of you. You’ve seen him transition since you initially started dating and the changes are all for the better. He’s eager to share his world with you and to get to know yours. He opens up willingly and has a positive outlook on what lies ahead. You’ve given him confidence and something to look forward to in the future.

6. He’s saving up. He doesn’t spend his money on frivolous, in-the-moment expenses. He realizes that settling down and thinking about marriage requires a certain amount of financial planning. He’s been like this for a while, but now he’s extra motivated to keep it going.

7. He’s taking that next step professionally. Whether that means putting in more time at work to get a promotion, going back to school, or figuring out a more stable career, he’s willing to do what it takes to have a more secure future. In the past, he may have stalled in getting started on these plans, but he sees the value in a steady career path now that you’re part of his life.

8. He’s in a position to settle down – financially, geographically, professionally, and is ready for that next phase. Timing is everything and his time is right now with you. He’s in the city he wants to be in, doing the thing he wants to, and he’s dating the woman of his dreams (you!). The stars are aligned for the two of you.

9. When you think about the future with him, you become giddy. That’s because he’s someone you can actually see yourself building a life with. He’s dependable, lovable, adorable, and he feels the same way about you. Even if you’re not quite used to relying on someone, with him everything is different.

10. You’ve had your first big fight and have come out of it better communicators, with a better understanding of each other. Fighting, disagreeing, and problem solving are all part of a healthy long-term relationship, so you feel stronger as a team having tested those waters.

11. You know each other’s histories. The skeletons are out of the closet, you’ve learned them, accepted them, and understand them. Any issues he’s had prior to your relationship won’t interfere with what you establish moving forward.

12. Your long-term goals align—kids, religion, moving, etc. You’ve had multiple discussions about whether you want kids, when you’d like these hypothetical tiny human to appear, and what religion you’ll practice as a family (if any). You’ve also talked about where you both want to live in the long haul. These are essential topics that have to be hashed out way before any marriage takes place, and he’s indicated very clearly that you’re on the same page.

13. He likes being in a relationship. He’s never been interested in dating multiple women at once because it stresses him out. He’s not a serial cheater, the member of an underground S & M club (unless you are too) and he’s content being with the same person through all the ups and downs life inevitably involves. He’s gotten his heart broken once or twice—enough to know the value of a great relationship.

14. His party days are behind him, but he’s still fun. He’s got that special something that will keep you laughing for decades ahead. He gets you and knows when to push, when to leave you alone, and when to partner with you. You’ve got that connection and best friendship foundation that all great love stories are based on.

15. He makes you a better person. He’s allowed you to blossom on your own, as an independent woman within the relationship, because he loves and respects you that much. He is a thoughtful, caring partner—a man worth sharing your life with. For years to come, he’ll continue to prove that he was always the marrying kind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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