Sophie Martin

22 Signs You’re A Crazy Girl

All of your friends know to go to you for advice for sex, masturbation, porn, relationships, and generally delicate stuff that they wouldn’t be comfortable asking anyone else.

21 Problems With Dating In Your 20s

For financial reasons, especially in big cities, it’s so easy to move in together that you can’t even tell if you really want to or are ready to, you just know that you want to be paying half as much rent.

22 Signs You Are Not Ready To Get Married

At the end of the fairy tale, when the Princess rides off into the sunset to marry the handsome Prince, you’re just like, “Really?? That’s IT??! I wanna see more of her actual story!”

6 Signs You Grew Up Too Fast

Everyone convinced you that taking the first job that would have you was the best way to secure your future, and now you’re absolutely paranoid of letting it go.