22 Signs You’re A Crazy Girl

1. Whenever you are out with your girlfriends and you all want to meet some guys, you are always the one who goes over as the team diplomat and makes the sexy introductions.

2. You have danced on the bar, done body shots, and made out with the bartender during their shift at least once, likely many times.

3. You absolutely love strip clubs, and the strippers always gravitate towards you. It’s like they just sense that you’re the coolest one in the group.

4. All of your friends know to go to you for advice for sex, masturbation, porn, relationships, and generally delicate stuff that they wouldn’t be comfortable asking anyone else.

5. Your sex life is one of the most important facets of your overall being, but you’re just not that sure about a relationship right now. In fact, you know it’s probably best for all parties involved if you stay single for the time being.

6. Even though you might not care all that much about your current partner, you are overcome with these outrageous fits of jealousy for no reason.

7. You would never admit it, but you’ve definitely had your share of reading through someone else’s text messages or emails.

8. Some of your favorite sex has always been makeup sex, to the point where you have occasionally started a fight simply to have super-passionate sex afterwards.

9. People have always been drawn to you, especially romantically, and even though you will tell them up front “I’ll chew you up and spit you out,” they never listen. And then you do.

10. You’ve pretty much always gone for the kinds of things that you want. Unfortunately, a lot of those things are more “impromptu trip to go visit an old friend” and less “build a stable career and a decent amount of savings.”

11. You are always the last one on the dance floor that everyone has to drag away to go home, and the first one who starts the party by dancing by yourself when everyone else is too shy. You are not above using the sprinkler or the grocery shopping moves to put everyone at ease.

12. At least 10 percent of your major life choices have been made while slightly intoxicated and actually uttering the words “Fuck it, whatever.”

13. Kids in general either gross you out or freak you out, and you have a hard time picturing yourself as a mother.

14. Your love is always an obsession, or nothing at all. There is no kind of love for you — even in friendship — that is not burning with passion and adventure. You can’t stand relationships that feel monotonous in any way.

15. You are deathly afraid of commitment because you don’t want to tell anyone where you will be in a few years. The idea of being obligated to stay in the same place is more terrifying than being alone, by far.

16. You actually don’t mind being alone all that much, when you think about it.

17. A big part of your personal goals include traveling, because a big part of you is convinced that you are going to find the thing that will make you want to stand still and be happy somewhere that you haven’t been to yet. You’re at least sure that it’s not where you are right now.

18. When you are really into someone, you are liable to send them about 60 text messages in a day about how much you want them and how you can’t stop thinking them and all the things you want to do with them that night. You are the queen of sexting.

19. You have walked away from a lot of stable things that other people would have considered a good investment.

20. People are always chasing you and following your lead, even when you want to walk alone. Many of your relationships have ended because someone loved you too much, it was never not enough. You don’t need people the way they often need you.

21. You start a thousand projects and hobbies and ideas and then abandon them just as quickly. You are always moving onto the new thing that will give some kind of a spark and potentially show you who you are.

22. When you really think about it, you don’t know how to picture yourself at 40 or 50 or even older. You feel like you’re burning so bright right now that there’s no way the flame won’t go out soon enough. You wonder if something is going to tame you — a career, a child, a partner — but part of you hopes that they never do. Part of you wants to run away forever and never actually get where you are going. You like the feeling of being out of breath. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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