27 People On The Creepiest Thing They Ever Caught Their Significant Other Doing

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1. jazzcatdrp

After my ex and I broke up, I started dating another girl. My ex became jealous to the point of madness. I’ve got a lot of stories about what she did, but the best one was this:

She kept stalking my girlfriend on IM, and my girlfriend played along because she thought it was funny. One day, on my ex’s birthday, my girlfriend got a message saying, “It’s my birthday and I want to see MY man, so I’m coming to your city.” I live 2.5 hours aways from my ex.

We laugh it off and a few hours later I’m taking out the trash when I see my ex’s car roll through the parking lot. I kinda freak out and run upstairs to tell the girlfriend. We go back down and the car’s gone. She convinces me it wasn’t really my ex, it was just another similar car, because after all, who in their right mind would actually drive two and a half hours to do that?

A few hours later, my girlfriend gets an email from the ex saying she came up to see me, saw me carrying the trash down the stairs, said I looked so sexy in my black shirt and jeans (describing what I was wearing), but that when she caught sight of me she lost the courage and drove the 2.5 hours back home.

2. Kmaun_Lee

I had a boyfriend who would call me drunk and mutter nasties in my ear while holding normal conversation. It would go a little like this.

Hey baby, how was your night? Oh you know I went to Brads…pant…fuck yeah…and we drank a couple beers with….you like it in the ass?

I latter found out he wasn’t masturbating, and was actually having sex with another girl and somehow got off on cheating on me.

3. Built_An_Arc

One of my ex girlfriends kept a log book of every single text message I ever sent her. Not just the meaningful ones, but incredibly inane ones too. A whole book full of hand written and dated notes like “ok I’m on my way”.

4. Morbido

I dated this girl for a couple weeks and it wasn’t working out, just too different. I broke it off with her and she was cool with it. Ran into her and her parents at the local bowling alley and we all bowled together for a couple of hours. She started getting close to me like she wanted to get back together, but I told her no. So she walks up to her Mother and tells her I tried to rape her. Mom looks at me, looks at her and slapped her, not hard, but fairly solidly and tells her they are not going through “all that bullshit” again. Thankfully her parents knew she was nuts and had played the ‘rape-card’ before on some other guy.

5. eyeingyourpancakes

I tried to break up with this girl once and she started shrieking, then she pulled her fridge away from the wall, crawled behind the fridge, and loudly sobbed from behind it while I called my mom and waited for her to pick me up. (I was 15).

6. falseperm

Once had a girl carve my name in her arm. Wasn’t my girlfriend, someone who had a little obsession though.

7. Wichelle

That was a trend in my school. Girls carving their boyfriends/crushes name into their arm.

8. GilesCorey89

Faked a pregnancy, and told me she told her parents. She said her parents would tell my parents if I didn’t do it first. I get that pit in my stomach just thinking about this again. We were both 16. I worried heavily for two weeks before getting the courage to tell them. Thankfully she stopped me just in time to let me in on her loljoke :) I didn’t date for four years after that. If you’re reading this Meghan G., fuck you.

9. Swansatron

Dated this guy for maybe.. three weeks. He ended up carving my name into his leg, then searing the skin so he’d have the scar forever. I broke up with him that very minute. Fucking crazy. I hear he’s a dealer now. Awesome.

10. Skoljka

He stalked me for more then 2 years because Jesus told him he needed to save me. Restraining orders do not work on crazy.

11. MonopolyLlama

I dated this real winner once. When I met him he lived in a house, had a job, and just seemed to be a stoner.

By the end of our relationship, he was jobless, homeless, and had gone to jail “for my honor” or some creepy shit like that. He beat his room mate up with a lead pipe because he thought the guy had the hots for me or something. Totally unfounded.

Anyways, the real creepy part comes after he got out of jail. He still thought we were together, and would go camp out in my backyard when I wasn’t home and sleep there. As in, he would pester my room mates into letting him into the backyard and sleep there.

12. Asphyxia_

One of my exes posted a sex ad for both of us on craigslist and didn’t tell me until he was in the process of setting a threeway encounter up as a surprise. Thought I’d be happy. I wasn’t.

13. [deleted]

In highschool I used to occasionally sneak out to go to parties and such at night. My bedroom was on the second story but there was a roof (for over the porch) under my window and from there it was easy to scale the lattice onto the deck.

Anyway, I showed my brilliant maneuver to my boyfriend of like 2 weeks, and thought nothing of it.

About a week later he commented that I looked beautiful when I slept. I asked him how he knew. He revealed that for the past few nights he had been coming over to see me (as a surprise). But he never had the courage to rap on the window. So instead he was just watching me sleep like something straight out of fucking Twilight (except I had the sense to be bothered by it).

Asked him to stop. We broke up shortly after this. Then my guy friend approached me: “Hey, you need to see something”

Turns out creepy boyfriend liked to watch me when I was awake too. Specifically when I was masturbating, changing, or otherwise naked. And I’m naked a lot. There were 5 or 6 pictures that he sent to his guy friends of me doing all this, that he had taken from my fucking window. He sent them around as retaliation for our break up.

I got the friend to forward me the pics and we had a restraining order put on him, but it was still scary.

Did I mention I was 15 and he was 18?

Not cool.

14. ScramDammity

While lying in bed one night, having customary pre-sleep conversation, my girlfriend says out of the blue “If we ever break up, I am going to cut your penis off and you can sew my vagina shut, just so neither of us can have sex with anyone else, ever again.” DING DING DING, “TELL HIM WHAT HE’S WON, BOB!!” ….”A BRAAANNND NEWWWW EX-GIRLFRIEND!!”

15. SH3RB3RT

Finally, a place to share this with the world! An ex of mine used to scratch the dandruff off his head over a folder then pour it into a baby jar, thus saving it. He would collect ‘enough’ then eat it.

16. [deleted]

I had an ex that would stare at the bedroom door for at least 5 mins everynight before we went to sleep. She would stand right in front of it, I asked her what she was doing and she said “oh, sorry just making sure it was locked”……creepy part, she never touched it, just stared.

17. karadan100

A Cleveland Steamer…. When it wasn’t requested.

Well i should really have known when she asked me to do her botty-style. Considering this was before we’d actually had sex yet, alarm bells should have been ringing. Instead i ‘went with it’ with her on top. Not long into it, she crouched over me and curled one out. Luckily it was fairly solid so not much of it got intertwined with my chest hair.

I told her to GTFO and never come back.

Turns out she was on all sorts of meds, and had been for quite some time. I’ve heard some proper horror stories about her since – none of them something many people could possibly approve of.

18. bearXential

I have been dating this girl for a few months, and we became quite close. So close, that we hardly had time away from each other.

Anyway, one day she talks about moving in together, which I had no problem with. However she wanted to do it IMMEDIATELY. I was sharing an apartment with a friend at the time, and I didn’t want to ditch him without notice or without him having other plans.

So one day my girlfriend calls me, sounding quite upset and crying. She said she had a fight with her parents, had unstable living arrangements now, and needed a place to stay. Thinking it was temporary, I told her to crash at mine until things settle.

The same day, she turns up at the front with her car stuffed like a turkey, full of her clothes and other belongings. I remember the next part very clearly, as my heart jumped out of my chest, and alarm bells were ringing in my head. I asked “So, is this all your stuff?”, she replied “not all, silly, we have to pick up more later”.

I was suspicious how quickly she went from, “move in with me”, to “I need to crash at yours”. So I decided to call her mother (and spoke with her Dad), whom my girlfriend apparently had a falling out with. I had a very nice conversation with the parents, and found out my girlfriend is a pathological liar. Her lies continued to unravel, as the girl I knew, was the not the girl I was with. From what country she was born in, to how she was adopted, to her abuse by other relatives. It was all lies, because she in fact had a very wealthy upbringing and never had been deprived of anything.

Then, the parents asked if I knew about her scrapbook. “Scrapbook?” I asked. “If you happen to find the book, please don’t freakout.” I was curious, and searched for it while she was at work. There in the book, were my pubic hairs, photos of used condom and tissues in my wastebasket, photos of me when I weren’t looking, and a stained page that was labelled “****’s essence” (I think it might have been my ejaculate rubbed into the page). I freaked the fuck out.

Once I confronted my girlfriend about all I found out from her parents (not the scrapbook), she put on the waterworks, and continued to weave more lies through her sobbing, blaming her mother for being a meddling bitch. Long story short, my head could not handle the drama much longer, and basically ended it with her then and there. (I still get a cold chill thinking about this story)

19. spdfreak

My ex-girlfriend broke up with me one night. She was an extremely dramatic girl and I was more or less done with the whole thing so needless to say, I wasn’t too busted up about it and didn’t put up much of a fight. That night I went out drinking with some of my buddies and she kept calling and texting me incessantly. I ignored her. Eventually I went home and went to bed.

The next day was Memorial Day and I was supposed to meet a friend of mine up at his lake house. I was crashing on another buddy’s floor for the summer and he woke up early to go play golf. He lived in a pretty upscale gated apartment community with security. Unfortunately, he forgot to lock the front door and that’s how I ended up waking up to my ex girl standing over me bawling her eyes out that morning.

20. [deleted]

I caught my Ex hyperventilating into a pair of my soiled boxer briefs when she thought she was alone. It was creepy at the time but it led to some great kinky sex later on.

21. jinky420

An ex bf of mine told me he made a pillow torso of me ( with boobs and all) and would fuck it like he was fucking me… He started this 3 years before we started dating and told me 5 months in to our relationship.

Broke up a month later. And it still creeps me out.

22. closernough

My entire last relationship was with a pathological liar. She claimed a lot of things that were untrue. One of the CREEPIEST things she did was she would “black out” and forget who she was, or she would be aware of who she was supposed to be, but she would be someone else.

One time she woke me up halfway through the night because she was afraid of monsters in the closet or something. I tried talking her back to sleep but she apparently was only 5 years old in her head. I found this out when I tried to kiss her and she said something to the effect of “Ew! Cooties! Gross!”

23. ImNotJesus

Wasn’t a girlfriend but the first girl I ever kissed started cutting herself and and showing me at school. She told me that she’d kill herself if I didn’t become her boyfriend.

24. datthrowaway9095

Me and the girl I was seeing broke it off with each other. A few weeks later we got to talking ( since we worked side by side) and decided to give it another shot. We ended up spending the night together and having sex without a condom. This normally wouldn’t be a problem since she was always on the pill. I happened to remember her mentioning that she might just stop taking the pill though, but I figured she would have told me. Just to be safe I decide to pull out when I’m approaching orgasm. As soon as I came she started crying admitting that she hoped I had forgotten that she stopped taking the pill and that I would have came inside of her.

25. Bosley

Ok, I have one. This girl and I had been seeing each other for a couple of months. Apparently there was a condom mishap so she ended up pregnant. I wasn’t keen on the idea, but she wanted it, so I was being supportive. Still she had a miscarriage. This girl apparently kept the rejected fetus in a jar. It was the most awkward phone conversation I’ve ever ever had. She might have been off of her meds or on them or something, but up until that point she’d seemed perfectly normal.

26. throwmeaway121677

I caught my (ex) fiance calling escorts (11 separate calls) on a business trip, as well as contacting girls on “casual encounters” on Craigslist. He also was looking up “sensual message parlors” and had a listing on the casual sex site HornyMatches.com that had him in the location of the business trip. Against my better judgement, I gave him another chance…

1.5 years later, after I was finally starting to feel better about what had happened before, I caught him contacting another person on casual encounters again. I continued to stick it out because finances had me completely over a barrel, and I was critically depressed over the fact that I had contracted genital HSV-1. I cannot prove that it came from him, but I never had symptoms before I had been with only him for 2 years.

Just a few months ago, I noticed that he was attempting to do a google search for naked, underage, pre-pubescent girls, although I don’t think he actually found any images that way. He has since been banned from my internet connection unless I’m around. I cannot help but wonder if he finds little girls sexually attractive now.

The worst part is that I gave up on ever finding anyone that I can trust, and I really don’t think that I will have a chance in hell with anyone now because I now have herpes, so I’ve stayed. It’s a really complicated situation, but I am developing an escape plan that I intend on putting into action very soon.

27. antonioandbareass

My soon to be ex-wife would use the Caps Lock button to capitalize any word needed instead of just holding down Shift. A lifetime of extra strikes to the keyboard for no reason. It was such a waste and I’d had enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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