Someday He Will Come Back To You

Someday He Will Come Back To You

He will come back to you when you least expect it, when you feel like you’re almost healed. He’ll text you out of the blue on a day that seems like the most random day out of the year. It will be the day when you’re most rejuvenated, the day you feel calm and at ease. Maybe you’ll be out with your friends or having a good day at work and he will come back to you; it will hit you like a flash of lightning. It will rumble and move the world beneath you, leaving you off-balanced and confused.

He will come back to you in the dead of night, when the sky is black and the dim light of the stars seek to permeate through. He will come back to you at the moment you’re praying for God to heal you of the pain, to erase the beautiful memories of your love because it no longer exists, because he chose to stop loving you. He will come back at the moment you lose your strength; he will come back when you yearn for his presence most intensely. The night you want everything to go back to normal, the night you would do anything to have his arms around you whispering promises of love and devotion, I promise you he will appear. When you’re at your weakest, he will come back to you.

He will come back to you after a failed relationship, when he feels dazed and lost. He will come back to you because he regrets losing you, because he realizes no one will love him as you do. He moved on too fast and drowned the pain of your absence by replacing you; he’ll come back when it becomes clear that there is no girl in the world that’s like you, no one that will love him endlessly.

He will come back to you when all is going south, when he feels like he’s losing control. When his life is falling apart, he will feel alone; he will be lusting for his number one supporter, for the girl that helped him through it all. He will come back to you when he needs you, when he needs to hear your soothing voice to help calm him down. He will remember the times when he looked at you and his world stopped, the times when euphoria would run through his veins to his soul just by looking into your eyes, when you made him feel like he was home.

He will come back to you asking to be friends, saying that he just wants to catch up. It might be months, maybe years, but I promise he will. He will come back to you when his imagination doesn’t suffice anymore, when he’s dying to remember what it felt like to be in your presence just one more time. When he sees you, it will all come flooding back — the memories and your love. He will come back to you, I promise. Because by the end of his time with you, he will be yearning to kiss you, to hold you, to love you. He will come back to you, but not to be your friend. He will come back for a second chance.

He will come back to you, but he may come back unchanged. He will be the same man you used to know; he will have the same smile, gorgeous eyes that turn golden in the rays of the sun. His laugh will unsettle you — it will make you think back to the times when you were in love, and it will be a depressing moment when you realize the person that procures the laugh you adore so much isn’t a part of your life anymore. His love doesn’t belong to you. Everything about him will be so familiar to you, and just at the sight of him you will start to fall back in love; if you’re like me, you’ll let all your walls down and release the love you held onto because it never left in the first place.

He will be the same, and maybe that’s part of the problem. He will love you the same way. It’ll be the same love that let you go and gave up on you — that stopped loving you.

He will come back to you. I know right now you may not think so, but I promise you it’s true. The thing is, I know you love him, I know that you would do anything to speed up the process, to make him realize you were worth the fight, that you wanted nothing more but to love and cherish him. Although the ball is in his court and its not our turn to play the game. But one thing I will tell you is that you have a choice. You have the choice to take him back when he returns to you.

You deserve endless love. You deserve a love that doesn’t die out or lose its spark. You deserve someone to fight for you through it all and look at you every day with the same rapture and passion from when they first started loving you. You deserve someone to put you first, not a close second. You deserve the world.

So when he comes back to you, you will have to decide. If you decide to let him go, then pray for his growth and his happiness. One day maybe he will realize that you deserved more than the effort he gave you. Maybe one day he will decide to be the man you deserve. If he changed for the better and you choose to take him back, then love him. Grow with him, because true love takes the work of two people. Grow so that you can be the best version of yourself, but also so you can learn to love him and be the best person for him.

He will come back to you.

One day he will, but when he does, I ask you to remember your worth.

Remember what you deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark