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When You Lost Her

You see her for the first time in a while. Her eyes no longer brightened when they met with yours. This is when you lost her.

I Don’t Want An Instagram Kind Of Love

But a real love does not do this to us, or for us. Instagram love is just a pretty love that keeps us lustful and greedy and never satisfied. I don’t want this false depiction of love in my life, or it’s insincerity in the lives of others. An Instagram love never impressed me because that’s all it ever tried to do.

15 Signs Your Friends Are Taking Advantage Of Your Kind Nature

You find yourself wondering how the relationship became this bad because it never seemed this way early on. Sometimes a friendship can go south if you don’t see a person’s true intentions early on. You also could be doing something that allows the cycle to continue, so it’s always up to you to pay close attention the people you call friends. Choose wisely.

To The Guy Who Used Me As A Rebound

Never had I experienced such a devastating blow to my gut like when you talked about her. Like she was the last breath of air in your lungs. You would swing back and forth between painting her as an angel or scorning her as the devil.

Dare To Be Hurt

So dare to be hurt. Allow disappointment to wash over you. Listen to someone despite your needs not being met. Garner new perspective.