Women And Their Orgasms


Fifty percent of women have trouble reaching orgasm, and 10% never will. How many millions of sad vaginas is that? Orgasm advice from friends runs the gamut of “rub your clit in a circular motion,” to “dim the lights and wear something sexy beforehand,” –empty directions of use to absolutely no one. If having an orgasm was as easy as turning down the lights, waving a vibrator and crying, “orgasm magico!” having one wouldn’t be a problem. And when friendly advice fails us, women may turn to books written by sexperts and therapists, which is great, and their strategies can and do help a lot of people. But what about those who just can’t do it? What if a woman were to follow every direction, step-by-step and still can’t orgasm? You think to yourself, “Man, I did everything this clinical psychologist told me to, and if a scientist’s advice doesn’t work, I’m probably anorgasmic…” That’s nonsense. Being told “you can’t” by an expert or scientist doesn’t necessarily make them right. Even doctors, the “gods” of our society, make errors.
On the quest to the elusive orgasm, one needs to realize that she is the sole expert. Our bodies already have the orgasm blueprint, and if it’s dark because our culture has failed to educate us on our anatomy, she needs to keep hitting the wall until she reaches her destination.

Some may disagree—some say you need an outsider’s perspective to understand yourself—utter nonsense, frankly. Even if you don’t know yourself well, you need to start somewhere (like with your vagina to the mirror). You need to plant the idea in your head that self-reflection, both mental and physical, is an important piece to understanding what you’re capable of and the most important step toward the orgasm. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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