Which Game Of Thrones Villain You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


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Aries, I hate to say this, but on your worst days, you’re Cersei Lannister.

Like the Mad Queen, you are irrational, self-involved, combative, and bossy. You hate taking orders from other people and get defensive when faced with criticism. Your ego can’t handle the possibility that you may be wrong about something. Even when you know in your heart there’s a slight chance you fucked up, it will take the entire 7 kingdoms to make you confess and own up to your mistake. You would rather die, than seem powerless and weak, especially to your enemies.

Aries are also hot-tempered and vengeful. And this Cersei encapsulates literally every single episode.


Game Of Thrones
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Lazy, unbothered, and passive-aggressive, this star sign desires reward or recognition without the hard work. Stubborn Taurus will work when they have to, but aren’t ashamed to cut corners or kiss ass if it gets them one step ahead.

Ser Janos Slynt is that type of person. The Lord of Harrenhal only acquired his titles for betraying and arresting our beloved Ned Stark. He is judgmental and will talk shit about other people just to earn some plus points with the boss. He is such a selfish suck-up that he literally killed babies just to please his king.

He frequently flaunts his accomplishments and rubs them in other people’s faces. He wants to impress anyone within earshot, and he doesn’t care for the “little people” who don’t have access to the same opportunities he possesses.


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The dark side of Gemini looooves to step on other people’s feelings.

Like obnoxious and flighty Viserys Targaryen, Gemini will talk down on others and make them feel inferior. This childish act over-inflates Viserys’ and Gemini’s false sense of worth. Both are also insecure manipulators who use meanness as a defense mechanism to hide their insecurities.


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Lysa Arryn is the perfect personification of a Cancer villain. Immensely emotional, clingy, moody, and flaky, Lysa is prone to picking fights with people then shifting the blame entirely on them. She is a petulant troublemaker.

She, as with Cancer types, evokes strong melancholy and is worrisome. Such traits leads her to be paranoid – even so much as to distrust her own family – and to make rash, illogical decisions.


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Ah, Leo, the stingy and selfish prick.The smallest of favors from you requires immediate repayment. If you could have it your way, you’d want everything to be about you, Leo. You’d want everyone serving your every whim.

Therefore, you are Craster. This rude creep-o managed to create an incest community that centers him and him alone. He, like this fire sign, constantly feels threatened that other people will steal his “belongings” (AKA his own daughters). Thus he marries and rapes them to maintain his hold over them.

He then ensures his own survival by offering all his male descendants to the White Walkers. Boo!


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Tywin Lannister may be one of the sharpest leaders and politicians in Westeros, but it’s no secret he’s a highly critical, controlling, and scrupulous authoritarian.

Similar to villainous Virgos, Tywin is a no-nonsense perfectionist who believes he knows what’s best for everyone else. He will nitpick the smallest screw-ups you make and isn’t easily pleased. He won’t hesitate to point out your mistakes and embarrass you in front of others.

Yet as shown with his complicated relationship with his son, Tyrion, the insensitive head of House Lannister can also be quite blind to his own hypocrisies.


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Libra, you’re a sneaky jackass. At your best you are helpful, but at your worst you are superficial and impatient. Exactly like honor-breaking, guest-murdering Walder Frey.

Lord Frey is possessive, easily bored, and just wants to be left alone by all these annoying people wanting to cross his damn river. And with the Red Wedding, he is perhaps the most treacherous of GOT baddies.

Even the audience could feel his betrayal off their screens.


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You can be a raging psychopath, Scorpio. Thus it makes sense to pair you with former-bastard-turned-lord Ramsay Bolton.

Ramsay Bolton is abusive, intolerant, and somewhat envious (especially if he perceives someone to be “better” than him). Comparable to cunning and manipulative Scorpio, Ramsay doesn’t know the meaning of the words “forgiveness” or “mercy”.


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Scorpio may be a maniac, but everyone seems to hate you more, Sagittarius. And why wouldn’t they? No one likes a sanctimonious asshole whose vicious haughtiness and pretentiousness are constantly on display.

And who does the audience love to hate more than literal-son-of-Satan Joffrey Baratheon? Just as any baddie Sagittarius, this boy-king is a reckless and petty braggart. Joffrey is able to detach himself from a situation and not realize (or maybe do realize but not care?) he’s inflicting undue suffering upon others.

Choke on your wine, asshole!


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Petyr Baelish is hands-down one of the best-written, multi-layered villains out there. You should take this as a compliment, Capricorn!

Although it’s true Littlefinger is a fake, gossip, and social climber, he’s also bright and devious. Because he’s such a go-getter, he has no problem using people to get what he wants and is able to anticipate his enemies’ possible moves. This is both frightening yet impressive.

You’re basically the bad guy people despise, but secretly admire.


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Talk about a god complex, Aquarius. Your twisted hobby is toying with other people’s lives and emotions, especially when you’re under the delusion you’re doing it for a noble reason.

Which is why you’re the High Sparrow sitting on his metaphorical high horse. He claims to be a man of the people, yet he is emotionally detached, narcissistic, and insensitive. Both the High Sparrow and Aquarius are hard-headed as heck, especially when it comes to their principles and beliefs.


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Can you even be a proper villain, Pisces?

Your most negative traits are pretty tame compared to the other signs – perhaps akin to Grand Maester Pycelle. Both Pycelle and you can be ridiculously sensitive, inattentive, pompous, and melodramatic.

While Pycelle didn’t necessarily commit outright evil, he was still a lazy, lying, and creepy (albeit slick) pervert who switched political sides as often as he visited brothels. Congrats? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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