The 9 Wonders Of The World My Ex Lover Planted In My Body

Noah Kalina


Twenty-three years ago a cosmic collision
gave birth to a child of the stars and
somehow after siren songs we discovered
the wonder of your body next to mine.


We undress
as your lips play snakes and ladders
down my chest, and this is a miracle.
I breathe summer into you,
and this is a miracle.
You stay despite the fog,
and this is a miracle.
You leave and I wait, and I wait,
and THAT is a fucking miracle.


You come home to me for fifty-five days.
Every time you open the door
my heart goes

Doo da-do,
Do do-do da-do,
Do do-do da-do-do!


When I had you I had the sunlight on my fingertips.
We drew portraits in the sky
and spat in the face of anyone
who told us we couldn’t be gods.


You pull the moon and I feel it sink
its teeth until my body cracks.
I am a firecracker banging against the cage of your ribs.
You fill me with such light they see
The sunset bleeding out of me.


I put daydreams in your eyes and
in turn you show me seawater and nebulae.
Your skin, it tastes like the edge of a galaxy.
The earth, it spins for you, my love.


My mind is springtime for all seasons;
your room, a bed of roses blue.
We time-travel and three months seem like a year.
We were on the precipice of something great.
(That is the magic of the existence of you)


You cascade down my back like waterfalls.
You look at me and I am all
shivers, and want, and yes, yes, yes.


You leave. There is no darkness.
There is music and I am dancing
to the ring of your laughter in
another lifetime. Can you hear it yet?

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