Top Ten Celebrity Excuses for Acting Completely Bat Shit Insane

2. “I had cramps!”

Liar: Nicole Richie

Bullshit Meter: 6

Today, Nicole Richie is a doting mother of two children, married and an author. But in 2006, she was starving, recovering from heroin addiction and apparently suffering from really bad cramps. In December, she was pulled over for committing the simple mistake of driving on the wrong side of the freeway. Richie admitted to police that she had been self-medicating with pot and Vicodin for her menstrual cramps and was given a court hearing. Seeing as I’m a male, I’m in no position to judge the pain level of cramps. However, I sincerely doubt that the 80-pound Richie needed a narcotic to deal with her period. In the end, she only ended up serving 82 minutes in jail and got a really chic mugshot to boot.


Ryan O'Connell

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