The Wrong People Will Never Love You The Right Way

You can try as hard as you want and as frequently as you want but the wrong people will never love you the right way. The wrong people won’t understand your heart or your passion. They won’t understand the way you care or the way you express yourself. They’ll push you away instead of trying to meet you halfway. They’ll always take your feelings lightly.

The wrong people will not be able to handle your honesty or your emotions. They won’t appreciate the things you do for them, they’ll take you for granted, they’ll mistake your kindness for weakness and they’ll try to get away with as many lies as possible. The wrong people will make love look a lot like heartbreak and will not help you solve any problems.

The wrong people will hold every little thing against you. They will make you walk on eggshells because every time you want to talk, they disappear and every time you need them, they don’t show up for you and every time you want quality time, they act busy. The wrong people won’t go out of their way for you. They will use every excuse in the book to get out of any commitment. The wrong people will push all your buttons and then complain that they’re not happy.

The wrong people will never love you the right way simply because that’s not their intention and it probably never was. They liked your attention maybe, they liked the idea of you, they wanted a rebound or someone to ease their loneliness but they didn’t want anything more than that and that’s why when you started wanting more, they started showing less.

The wrong people never wanted to love you and even if they try, they will make love feel like a lonely, cold place and you will eventually walk away because sooner than later you will understand that loving the wrong people will only hurt you and it’s not worth all the pain because you will never be on the same page and you will slowly reject that kind of love. It’s not for you. It never was.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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