Self-Love Is The Best Form Of Healing

Self-Love Is The Best Form Of Healing

Self-love is the best remedy. It’s the best form of healing.

Self-love helps you move on with ease when you truly look back on certain experiences or certain people and realize you’re better off without them, you’re better off without their judgments, you’re better off without their breadcrumbs and you’re better off without their toxic energy.

Self-love makes you stronger. It makes you open the door wide open for those who want to leave, those who think you’ll run after them when they walk away. Self-love gives you the confidence you need to know that you will be okay on your own and that you don’t need someone else to validate you or make you feel complete.

Self-love makes you assertive. You know what you want and you’re not afraid to say it out loud. You won’t settle for anything less and you won’t tolerate someone’s games or lies or false promises no matter how much you care about them. Self-love protects you from those who make you feel like you’re not important. Self-love guards you against those incapable of genuinely loving you.

Self-love makes you a fast learner. You don’t stay in a toxic situation for a long time. You end things that are not working for you or not serving you well. You walk away from those who don’t know how to value or respect you. You don’t keep hurting yourself repeatedly by making the same mistakes. Self-love allows you to put a barrier between you and those who hurt you. Self-love doesn’t make you heartless but it makes you indifferent towards those who hurt you. It makes you put your mental and emotional well-being first.

The best part of self-love is that it makes those around you powerless, they have no power over you or your emotions or your thoughts. Their absence won’t kill you or stop you from doing great things. Their insults will never get to you or shatter you because you know who you are and you like yourself that way and those who don’t see that, are not going to change how you see yourself. And people get very angry when you take away their power. They don’t like feeling that they can’t control you. They don’t like feeling that they can’t manipulate you.

Self-love doesn’t mean you feel superior to those around you and it doesn’t mean you’re stoic or cold-hearted. It just means you believe in yourself, you know what you want, you know what kind of love and respect you deserve and you’re not willing to accept anything less than that. It just means you’ve worked on yourself for a very long time and you’ve fought very tough battles to get to where you are today and you’re not willing to let another human being come in and demolish all of that. You’re not willing to let another human being dictate who you are or how you see yourself.

Self-love is the result of all those years of healing, all those years of picking up the broken pieces, all those years of loneliness, all those years of self-doubt and you’re not willing to let anyone shatter all of that or even diminish a fraction of it. You’re not willing to let anyone break what took you years to build.

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