If It’s Right, You Won’t Feel Like A Burden

Alexa Suter

If it’s right, you won’t feel like you’re bothering them with your texts or calls. It will feel right. It will feel natural. It will be exciting and mutual and fun. If you’re waiting hours for a response and getting one-word answers, then it’s not right. No matter what anyone tells you, communication shouldn’t be that hard—not in the beginning or the middle or the end.

If it’s right, you won’t go weeks without seeing each other, because you’ll both be putting in the effort to meet up, to spend more time together because you’ll both want to include each other in your lives. You’ll both want to keep building a friendship and getting to know each other. But it has to start with making more time for each other. It won’t feel like anyone is bothering anyone. It won’t be so hard to make plans and hang out.

If it’s right, you won’t feel like you’re hesitant to reach out or ask them about their day. You won’t have to think twice about sending something. You won’t feel like you should filter yourself or hold back. You won’t feel like you have to wait a few days or weeks to reach out again. You won’t feel like you can’t share things with them, because they’ll always be attentive. They’ll remember what you told them, and they’ll make you feel like talking to you is delightful and your conversations are something they eagerly anticipate.

If it’s right, you won’t feel like you’re smothering them if you talk or hang out for hours, because you’ll feel like they’re enjoying every part of it just like you are. You’ll find yourself making future plans and committing to them.

It won’t feel like just words in the heat of the moment. It won’t be weeks without follow-up. It won’t be intimacy followed by distance. It won’t be vulnerability followed by indifference. It will just grow naturally. It will evolve. It will be stronger and more consistent as time goes by.

Your presence shouldn’t be annoying to anyone. Your interest shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your time shouldn’t be temporary.

You shouldn’t hold yourself back. You shouldn’t stop yourself from feeling. You shouldn’t think twice before texting or calling. You shouldn’t feel unwanted.

Your love is a blessing, not a burden. You’re not heavy; you’re lighthearted. You’re more than enough, and the right ones will make you feel like they can’t get enough of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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