I Want To Be Stuck On A Long Flight With You

 Sofia Sforza
Sofia Sforza

I want to be stuck on a long flight with you. The 10 plus hours flights that people dread, the tedious and uncomfortable flights. I want you to be next to me.

I want to spend a long time with you away from everyone else, away from home and away from our friends. I want to be stuck in the air with you for hours talking and rambling on about the things that we never had the time to talk about.

I want to get to know you away from all the noise. I want to get to know you in the stillness of the skies and the silence of the dark.

I want to know that there’s no chance for anyone to interrupt us, or anyone to join our conversation. I want to be able to see the real you. When you’re tired and groggy, when you’re fidgeting because the seat is not comfortable, when you take a few seconds to look at the sky from your window and when you doze off to sleep.

Because long flights show you the essence of a person and long flights can seem so short when you have the right person by your side.

Long flights give you the chance to ask deeper questions, to spill some secrets and to provide a sense of security to the person next to you, that whatever happens on this flight, they won’t have to face it alone.

I want to know if you’ll pick chicken or beef, if you’ll drink water or wine, if you’ll watch a movie or a TV series and I want to know if you’ll accidentally rest your head on my shoulders when you’re sleeping.

But more than anything, I want us to be heading to the next destination together, to know that we will both land in the same place, to know that we are both going in the same direction.

Long flights and empty airports always made me feel lonely, they made me feel scared and I always wished that I didn’t have to be traveling alone or landing solo.

Because planes and airports are only scary when you’re alone. They’re only scary when they remind you that there’s no one traveling with you and no one waiting for you.

Because having a hand to hold during take-off is sometimes all you need to feel safe.

And having someone to hug when you land is sometimes all you need to make you smile when you’re tired.

I want to be stuck on a long flight with you because long flights give me a glimpse of you that only I can see and they show me who you really are when nobody is looking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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