10 Disturbingly Freaky Last Words From Pilots Who Were Seconds Away From Crashing To Their Deaths

Flickr / Faisal Akram
Flickr / Faisal Akram

1. Pacific Air Lines, Flight 773

Passenger Francisco Gonzales brought a gun on the flight to kill himself and the flight crew. The aircraft went into a dive after their deaths killing all onboard.

Last words:

First officer: Skipper’s shot!  We’ve been shot. I was trying to help.

2. American Airlines, Flight 383

Flight crashed short of the runway due to poor weather conditions and carelessness of the crew.

Last words:

TWR Have you in sight – cleared to land.
AA: We’re cleared to land, roger. How far west is that precipitation line now?
TWR: Looks like it’s just about over the field at this time, sir. We’re not getting anything on the field however … if we have a windshift I’ll keep you advised as you turn on to final.
AA: Thank you – we’d appreciate it.
TWR: We’re beginning to pick up a little rain now.
TWR: Have you still got the runway OK?
AA: Ah … just barely … we’ll pick up the ILS here.
TWR: Approach lights, flashers and runway lights are all on high intensity.

3. Thai International, Flight 601

While passing through a typhoon, the plane dived into the sea. Surprisingly, the majority of passengers actually survived (but not the pilots).

Last Words:

07.07:30 PAR Six miles from touch down. There’s heavy rain at the field in the event of an overshoot. You’ll be cleared for the emergency overshoot procedure.
07.07:35 PAR RW beacon left turn to Stonecutters then to Cheung Chan, climbing immediately to 3,500 feet, 601.
TG601 Understand sir.
07.07:52 PAR You’re now five miles from touch down.
TG601 Thank you sir.
07.08:20 PAR Four miles check your wheels are down and locked and you are clear to land. I say again clear to land.
07.08:24 TG601 Thank you.
07.08:35 PAR Three and a half miles the heavy rain is at one and a half miles from touch down all over the field.
(Transmission clicks)
07.08:51 PAR Three miles you’re just a little to the right of centre.
07.09:19 PAR Two miles.
07.09:33 PAR One and a half miles. You’re slightly right of centre.
07.09:43 PAR Coming back to the centre line now.
07.09:48 PAR One mile. Going left of centre.
07.10:00 PAR Well. Left of the centre line. If you’re not visual, climb immediately on your present heading.
07.10:19 PAR 06.01, I have no radar contact with you.
07.10:30 PAR 06.01. Are you overshooting?
07.10:40 PAR 06.01, Hong Kong Precision.
07.10:49 PAR 06.01, Hong Kong.
07.11:04 PAR 06.01, Hong Kong Precision.
07.11:28 PAR 06.01, Hong Kong, do you read?

4. Trans World Airlines, Flight 159

Flight botched take-off and exploded on the runway.

Last words:

23.39:37.5 CAM-1 Okay, you’re lookin’ fine. [engine sound reaches highest pitch]
23.39:57.5 CAM-1 Eighty knots, you got ‘er.
23.40:01 TWR TWA one twenty eight cleared to land.
23.40:09 CAM-1 Not very # far off the runway.
CAM-2 Sure as # isn’t.
23.40:15 CAM-1 See that fire in the end?
23.40:15.5 CAM-? [Sound of “Pop”]
23.40:16.5 CAM-2 [Sound of engine power cut]
Good God I hit him.
23.40:17.5 CAM-2 Yokes!
23.40:20 [Sound of engine power resumption]
23.40:20.5 CAM-2 Spoilers!
CAM-1 Oh #.
CAM-2 Sorry.
CAM-3 # #
23.40:32 [Sound of impact]

5. Ariana Afghan Airlines, Flight 701

Airplane descended for landing too early, colliding into trees and a pre-runway house.

Last words:

01.32 F/E: Stand by for the flaps
F/E: [says that flaps should have been going to 25 and 40 degrees]
GA: [gives 701 clearance to land]
GA: Runway visual range still 100 meters.
GA: [acknowledges 701 over the outer marker]
CPT: Flaps three zero.
CPT: Three zero coming down.
01.33 F/O: Four hundred feet.
CPT: Four hundred feet?
F/O: Yes, we have four hundred feet.
[Sound of full power being applied]
F/O: We’re finished!

6. Air Canada N142D

During an attempted land in Toronto, the plane spoilers were accidentally deployed, sending the plane into a dive that killed all 109 onboard.

Last Words:

CA We’ve lost number 4 engine
FO Have we?
CA (unintelligible)
SO Fuel
SO Fuel
CA Aye?
SO Fuel
CA Is it?
FO Yes
CA Okay, cut number 4
?O Number 4 engine
CA Yes
FO Number 3 engine
CA Number 4
FO Number 4, right.
CA Number 3 is jammed, too
FO Is it?
CA There it is.
CA The whole thing is jammed.
[crackling noise]
FO What was that?
FO What happened there, Peter?
CA That’t number 4 (unintelligible) Something’s happened (unintelligible)
FO Oh, look, we’ve got a (unintelligible).
[loud sound of explosion]
FO Pete, sorry.
[louder sound of explosion]
CA All right.
DEP 621. The status of your aircraft, please.
[sound of metal tearing]
CA We’ve got an explosion
FO Oh look, we’ve got (unintelligible) flame
FO Oh, gosh
?? We’ve lost a wing
[end of transcript]

7. Pan American,  Flight 1736

KLM, Flight 4805 began it’s takeoff while Pan American, Flight 1736 was still on the runway. Both planes collided and exploded.

Last words:

1706:20.08 APP Stand by for take-off, I will call you.
1706:20.3 PA RT And we’re still taxiing down the runway, the clipper one seven three six.
1706:19.39 – 1706:23.19 [PA radio transmission and APP communications caused a shrill noise in KLM cockpit – messages not heard by KLM crew]
1706:25.6 APP Roger alpha one seven three six report when runway clear.
1706:29.6 PA RT OK, we’ll report when we’re clear.
APP Thank you
PA CAM 1 Lets get the hell out of here!
PA CAM 2 Yeh, he’s anxious isn’t he.
PA CAM 3 Yeh, after he held us up for half an hour. Now he’s in a rush.
1706:32.43 KLM CAM 3 Is he not clear then?
1706:34.1 KLM CAM 1 What do you say?
1706:34.15 KLM CAM ? Yup.
1706:34.7 KLM CAM 3 Is he not clear that Pan American?
1706:35.7 KLM-1 Oh yes. [emphatically]
1706:40 [PanAm captain sees landing lights of KLM at approximately 700 meters]
PA CAM 1 There he is .. look at him! Goddamn that son-of-a-bitch is coming! Get off! Get off! Get off!
1706:44 [KLM starts rotation]
1706:47.44 KLM CAM 1 [Scream]
1706:50 [Collision]

8. Pacific Southwest Airlines, Flight 182

Flight collided with another plane that was just taking off. PSA crew had lost sight of the ascending flight and did not inform air traffic control.

Last Words:

09.01:11 CAM 2 Are we clear of that Cessna?
09.01:13 CAM- Suppose to be.
09.01:14 CAM 1 I guess.
09.01:20 CAM 4 I hope.
09.01:21 CAM-1 Oh yeah, before we turned downwind, I saw him about one o’clock, probably behind us now.
09.01:38 CAM-2 There’s one underneath.
09.01:39 CAM 2 I was looking at that inbound there.
09.01:45 CAM 1 Whoop!
09.01:46 CAM 2 Aghhh!
09.01:47 CAM Sound of impact
09.01:48 CAM 1 On shit!
09.01:49 CAM-1 Easy baby, easy baby.
09.01:51 CAM [sound of electrical system reactivation tone on CVR, system off less than one second]
09.01:51 CAM-1 What have we got here?
09.01:52 CAM-2 It’s bad.
09.01:53 CAM-2 We’re hit man, we are hit.
09.01:56 RDO-1 Tower, we’re going down, this is PSA.
09.01:57 TWR Okay, we’ll call the equipment for you.
09.01:58 CAM [sound of stall warning]
CAM 1 This is it baby!
CAM ? Bob [name of F/O]
CAM 1 Brace yourself.
CAM ? Hey baby..
CAM? Ma I love you..
09.02:04 [End of recording]

9. Air New Zealand, Flight 901

Faulty computer mapping lead to the plane crashing into an Antarctic mountain.

Last words:

CA Actually, these conditions don’t look very good at all, do they?
MU No they don’t.
12:49 MU That look like the edge of Ross Island there.
F/E I don’t like this.
CA Have you got anything from him?
F/O No
CA We’re 26 miles north. We’ll have to climb out of this.
MU You can see Ross Island? Fine.
F/O You’re clear to turn right. There’s no high ground if you do a one eighty.
CA No … negative.
GPWS [Whoop whoop pull up. Whoop whoop]
F/E Five hundred feet.
GPWS [Pull up]
F/E Four hundred feet.
GPWS [Whoop, whoop pull up. Whoop whoop pull up]
CA Go-around power please.
GPWS [Whoop whoop pull -]
[Sound of impact]

10.  Polish Air Force, Tupolev 154M

This military jet attempted to land in a foggy night. During the descent with no visual contact, lead to a crash while killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski among 95 others.

Last words:

ST: 80.
2P: Go around.
Signal at F=400 Hz. (Decision height).
ST: 60.
ST: 50.
D: Horizon 101.
ST: 40.
ST: 30.
D: Height control, horizon.
ST: 20.
Signal at F=400 Hz. Autopilot disconnect.
Signal at F=800 Hz. Inner marker.
Signal at F=400 Hz. Autothrottle disconnect.
TAWS:Signal at F=400 Hz. ABSU.
TAWS:Sound of hitting trees.
2P: F*cking hell!
D: Abort to second approach!
A: Screaming F*ckkkkkkkkkkkk…..
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