Give Me The Things That Money Can’t Buy

Emily & Steve Photography
Emily & Steve Photography

Give me your attention.

Your undivided attention. The way you listen to my words, the questions you ask about my stories, the little details that you remember about the first time we met and the little things you notice about me that I couldn’t notice about myself. Give me your attention because it means you care, it means you’re curious to know more and it means that nothing can distract you from looking at me.

Give me your time.

Make time for me in your busiest days, find some time to send me a text or call me to tell me you miss me. Spend your precious time with me because you want to, because there’s no other place you’d rather be, because if you’re not working, you’d rather be with me. Give me your time because it’s the one thing you can’t take back and when you give someone your time, it shows how much you value them. Give me your time because sometimes that’s all I need.

Give me your loyalty.

Reassure me that I’m the only one. Let me believe that I can trust you, let me believe that I don’t have to hear things about you that you didn’t tell me or hear that you’re on every dating app out there. Give me the reassurance that you’re all in, that you’re not confused, that you know what you want — than you know you want me. Be loyal to my heart, protect it, and don’t try to win my heart if you’re going to lose it.

Give me your heart.

All of it — not just a little bit, not just the broken pieces, not just the guarded pieces, give me all of it. Don’t be stingy with your heart, don’t be stingy with your feelings and don’t be stingy with your emotions. Be vulnerable with me, be honest, be sensitive, be romantic, be affectionate, be giving and open your heart to me like you’ve never been hurt. Don’t compare me to your ex or the one that got away. Start a new page with only my name on it, clean your heart from anyone else and allow me to be the only one in it. Give me your heart because it’s the only thing that matters.

Give me the things that will last whether we’re rich or poor. Give me the things that will matter no matter where we are.

Give me unforgettable conversations instead of dinners, shower me with your secrets instead of your gifts, pick me up when I’m feeling down instead of picking me up in a limo, be my star instead of buying me diamonds and give me something the world can’t take back, give me something the world can’t break and give me something that will never lose its worthThought Catalog Logo Mark

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