16 Insider Skincare Tips You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Anna Ewers for Prada's Resort 2015 campaign shot by Steven Meisel.
Anna Ewers for Prada’s Resort 2015 campaign shot by Steven Meisel.
Few things in life can really give you that I’m-an-adult jolt like a sudden interest in skincare. To me, college is a time in everyone’s life that’s defined by a lack of any skincare regimen. I think of drinking “jungle juice” out of red solo cups and immediately those Clearasil pads come to mind that I used to sandpaper my cheeks with. It was a time when going to sleep (or passing out) with makeup on was something to boast about; the morning-after, smudged-mascara-and-eyeliner look something to flaunt. My freshman-year roommates would be horrified to see me now — washing my neck (in upward strokes no less) and then finishing off with a thermal water spritz. I’M even horrified of myself. Until I go out to dinner and get carded — then I’m rather pleased. Still, there’s no point in denying it: if there’s one act that truly marks the end of your early-20s, it’s the old neck wash. So join me, will you? No pressure of course; take your time. But whenever you’re ready to start washing your neck, I’ll be here waiting…with a game of chess and some Pepcid AC.

1. Cellulite is just poor circulation at the skin and can be greatly reduced by dry brushing.

2. According to Into The Gloss, you shouldn’t blindly trust that a product is organic just because it’s marked as such. “The word ‘organic’ is meaningless with cosmetics,” Lacey writes, “since the FDA doesn’t prosecute brands for using the term even if their products aren’t organic.” Oh…good.

3. When products claim to be “anti-inflammatory,” this just means they’re great for sensitive skin, redness, bumps and dryness. The plant Calendula is very rich in anti-inflammatory agents.

4. According to Kate Bosworth’s aesthetician Faith Tatro, your skincare regimen should go in order of most-watery products to the least-watery. “It’s so that everything is penetrating the skin appropriately,” said Kate.

5. When doing any sort of skincare regimen, try to massage your face as much as possible in a circular motion. Many believe that this increases circulation, which leads to brighter skin.

6. According to Korean beauty expert Charlotte Cho, you should only exfoliate twice a month.

7. When applying eye cream, gently tap it around the eye for better absorption and to avoid pulling.

8. It’s always better to wash your face twice in a row, according to Cosmo editor Amy Odell’s facialist.

9. Toners are what closes up your pores after you wash your face. That’s why it’s always good to use a toner last, right before moisturizing.

10. According to Linda Wells, editor-in-chief of Allure magazine, be careful when buying skincare products at dollar stores. Because, “with a growing number of dollar stores in the country, many have become repositories for expired products.”

11. Try to avoid exposing your skincare products to oxygen, as impossible as this may sound. According to Total Beauty, skincare products packaged in jars, like La Mer, have a much harder time maintaining their beneficial ingredients after they’re opened.

12. To tell if your lotion is expired: shake the bottle. According to the editor-in-chief of Allure, “if it sloshes around like salad dressing, it’s not thick enough,” said Linda Wells.

13. Ingredients must be listed in order of concentration. However, if a company puts a patent on the product’s ingredient list, then it doesn’t need to follow this rule.

14. Linda Wells recommends also looking for exfoliators with synthetic beads, or with a lactic or glycolic acid. Otherwise, they have the potential to be harsh on the skin.

15. Apparently, the cost of products has very little to do with the quality of the product. Usually, high costs are a result of fancy packaging.

16. Always make sure to buy sunscreens that are marked as broad-spectrum. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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