25 Things About Life, Friendship, And The Pursuit Of Happiness I've Learned At 25

25 Things About Life, Friendship, And The Pursuit Of Happiness I’ve Learned At 25

1. Your life is going to be filled with people second-guessing every decision. Don’t add to it by being your own worst enemy.

2. You will fight with your parents. Realize you don’t always have to follow their advice, but also realize they aren’t the enemy. Try and take a step back and realize they always have your best interest at heart.

3. There will always be that one person from college that refuses to grow up. Don’t envy them. Learn from them. Take it a lesson in growing up and leaving the past in the past.

4. Friendships will change. Your college besties will always be people you think about fondly, but bonds will no longer be formed as easy as taking shots while figuring out which club to hit first.

5. You’ll notice a lot of friends walking in and out of your life. Don’t freak out. It’s normal. The older we get, the more our friendships change. It’s a natural part of life and the sooner we accept it, the sooner we heal.

6. Your friends will slowly start moving in with SO’s, getting married, having kids. A part of you will feel like they’re abandoning you and leaving you in the past. Understand that priorities change. Also make the most of those friendships before the inevitable happens and you start going your separate ways.

7. You’ll hold your first love on a pedestal. You’ll always view that relationship as better than it was. Understand that’s normal. But, also realize that relationship represents a time of being young and free.

8. At company events with free alcohol – there will always be that one person that’s had one too many. Never be that person. You’ll always regret it come morning.

9. There will come a time where your body can no longer handle repeat instances of binge drinking. It’ll make you so unbelievably sad – it’s your first step in realizing you’re growing up. Indulge in the pain. Feel it. And then move on. Take it as a sign that your body is telling you to slow down.

10. Having a job means showing up every day, even if you don’t want to. Gone are the college days where you could skip a class with little to any consequences. It’ll suck at first, but you’ll slowly get used to it.

11. Take care of your mental health. You’re allowed to take a day off every once in a while to take care of yourself.

12. Find a work bestie. You spend about half your waking day there. You’re going to want someone to help you when you need to pull a fast one on the boss.

13. How I Met Your Mother was right – nothing good ever happens after 2 am. But, with that being said – sometimes you have to indulge in your impulses. It definitely won’t be the smart choice. But, you’re also on the cusp between young and being a full-blown adult. You’re allowed a few reckless choices before you grow up entirely.

14. Your ex’s will start getting engaged one by one. Don’t panic. You weren’t wrong in ending all your past relationships.

15. FOMO will always be real, especially as a millennial where you see everything blasted on Instagram and Snapchat. Realize it’s fine to want a lazy day in. Netflix and wine with #nofriends is definitely an acceptable Friday night.

16. You’ll never be too old to ask your parents for their Netflix/Hulu/HBO passwords.

17. You may go years without seeing your college best friend. Realize this is normal. But, also realize when you eventually do reunite, it’ll be like nothing’s ever changed.

18. Go to the dentist. I know the dentist sucks, but trust me, you don’t want to be old with dentures.

19. Don’t let your number ever determine your worth in life. Never feel ashamed or the need to make it higher or lower. Be who you are and own it.

20. Realize people change. Hangout with your old high school friends and find it weird ordering a glass of wine legally. Meet up with your college roommates and debate grabbing beer instead of taking shots. But, also realize people aren’t their past mistakes. We all eventually grow up and change.

21. It’s definitely acceptable to fall asleep at 930 pm on a Friday night.

22. Learn to stand up for yourself at work. If you don’t agree with someone else’s viewpoint, learn to bring up your own ideas. Don’t be afraid to challenge others, but also learn the right and professional way to do it.

23. Drunk texting is almost always a bad idea. But, sometimes it’ll be the exact mistake you need.

24. Ask for help when you need it. Realize it doesn’t make you weak. We all struggle sometimes.

25. Take time to enjoy all the little moments. Before you know it, you’ll be in your older, married, busy with your own kids. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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