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Here’s 11 Things We Can Expect To Happen In 2021, According To Astrology

As we enter, most of us speculate how much better this year will be, given how much unsettled business from the past year that we must still reckon with. Frankly, news about a new mutated strain of coronavirus, domestic terrorism, and climate change only comes with angst and anxiety. From an ongoing pandemic to leaders like Donald Trump taking us to clown town, people don’t really know what to expect in 2021 and onward.

Perhaps most of us are on edge. I must assure you that 2021 will be much more promising than 2020 by a long shot, though this upcoming new year won’t come without its challenges and painful revelations. Major synodic cycles with outer planets are ending in 2020. Hence, why it’s been such a chaotic year.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which happened in January 2020, have been associated with plagues, death, and the fall of governments for centuries. Happening with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction throughout 2020 has bolstered ideological development that will contribute to mass awakenings and social conflict moving forward.

Now that Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius, each of us is being called to play our parts in the best way that we can. In astrology, Aquarius rules humanity, science, social contributions, upgraded wealth, and the future at large. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that happened back on December 21, 2020 marks the beginning of a new era. Though keep in mind that new beginnings are as challenging as they are exciting because newness can be difficult to navigate at first.

What’s beautiful about astrology is how it can forearm us to where we can use better judgments about future discourse. The world is changing on a fundamental level. All 2020 did was reveal to us the weaknesses in our social, cultural, economic, and political systems. 2021 onward is about trusting the process and rebuilding our systems. An actionable plan and collective cooperation among each of us is how we will get through this.

So what can we expect for 2021? None of this is a promise or a mystical ‘prediction’. Any issue discussed in this article is already manifesting with or without astrology. While we should still be on our guard, still take everything that is said with a grain of salt.

Let’s discuss:

1. Expect a final economic crash before the economy reboots.

There’s another major transit that’ll dominate 2021: the Saturn-Uranus square. Happening between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, these two signs are associated with wealth and acquisitions. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was when a few historical events took place: the Financial Revolution (1683-1691), Boston Tea Party (1767-1775), and the Great Depression (1934-1942). Meaning we just might experience one last economic crash—perhaps even an actual depression—that will motivate us to change our global financial system as we know it.

The Gemini North Node and multiple planets in Aquarius means people are coming together to ensure people are housed and fed during these troubling times, namely through online technologies and localities. So while it sounds scary, it can’t beat how bad it’s been throughout 2020.

2. Expect a financial revolution that’s centered around digital currency.

We’re already seeing what will out-compete our current system: cryptocurrency. The AstroTwins have been keeping up with this for a while now and have done an excellent job reporting on it.

The currency systems we use today arguably aren’t enough to keep up with our fast paced world. Nonetheless, the pandemic already put a blow to the global economy. Aquarius is the sign associated with technological globalization and digitalization. A square represents challenges that must be overcome in order to advance. An economic crash and more issues around data privacy will make cryptocurrency even more appealing.

The downside, of course, is that cryptocurrency will linger as a long term issue around central authority and regulation. Which doesn’t sound all bad until we realize that if there’s anything worse than someone bad controlling the currency, it’s absolutely no one controlling currency.

As this will likely be the catalyst of corporate socialism that is decorated as free market capitalism. Cryptocurrency and a new ideological conception of a stock market will encourage higher investment among members of society, though can more or less become the battlegrounds to a financial and AI revolution that will dictate societal institutions and behaviors in the future.

3. Expect an attempted assassination stunt—especially if Trump attempts to use martial law in the final days of his presidency.

The 20-year presidential curse is a widely discussed topic within and outside of the astrology community. This “curse” is associated with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that happens exactly every twenty years. Since 1840, every U.S. president who has been elected on a twenty year has faced assassination or died of a lethal disease while in office. This is exactly why Nancy Reagan was famous for hiring White House astrologer Joan Quigley to protect her husband while in office.

The good news, however, is that no president since the 1980 conjunction has perished. President Reagan survived a gunshot wound while the grenade thrown at President Bush didn’t detonate. While it’s unclear whether this could be referring to Trump or Biden, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see failed attempts on both sides, especially with the rise of the Trumpublican cult, conspiracy groups, and the desperation to keep Trump in office. Much of the astrological transits we’re seeing with Uranus were also present leading up to the Civil War. Remember the grander scheme of it all will likely fail—from assassinations, coups, to an attempted overthrow of our democracy.

Given this “weakening” curse, however, it may have run its course where both presidents will be spared. It’s best the President-elect takes as many security precautions as possible around this time to play it safe.

4. Expect more action around curbing climate change—but in lieu of another environmental crisis such as a Dust Bowl or a cyberattack that targets infrastructure.

Uranus rules seismic activity, revolution, and global changes while Saturn deals with sustainability and inconvenience. Time is of the essence with these gas giants. Industries feeling a need to make up lost time or rush the development of technologies because of the pandemic can be revolutionary in some areas yet counter-effective in others. Considering Taurus rules agriculture, this especially applies to the agricultural and energy industries. An imbalance in how we utilize time, space, and resources will therefore have even more detrimental consequences to our land if we aren’t careful.

Natural disasters are more or less our planet’s response to imbalances in nature. As Aquarius is air while Taurus is earth, it’s possible that a Dust Bowl will sweep the midwest similar to the Great Depression. The surge of wildfires out west during Uranus in Aries (2011-2018) may have implications. As energy companies are over-harvesting the Great Plains to keep up with our energy demand, soil scientists are already expressing critical concern about soil decay and possible dust storms in the future.

A Dust Bowl scenario is most likely. If not, I’m curious to whether the Nostradamus predictions for 2020 are set for early 2021. Even if some of it is prophetic nonsense, I definitely think he’s onto something with the natural disasters. Taurus deals with infrastructure-related issues, meaning anything like an earthquake, failing dam systems, or an even worse hurricane season might be the issue in 2021. Of course, this can apply to any region in the world that is experiencing increased drought due to deforestation and over-harvesting. After all, Aquarius is associated with seismic activity, electricity, and even revolution. Which leads to my next point…

5. Expect more public discourse—perhaps student protests—around climate change, education reform, and student loan forgiveness.

Another important cycle playing out as we speak: the nodes are in Gemini and Sagittarius from May 2020 until January 2022. Both of which rule education, media, and travel. We saw a spike in protests with the Me Too movement and women’s rights when the North Node was in Cancer—the sign of femininity, motherhood, and domestic affairs—from November 2018 until May 2020.

If it weren’t for a pandemic, walkout movements such as Greta Thunberg’s Fridays For Future would be marching the streets as we speak. Since spring 2020, however, we’ve seen this energy manifest as wide scale changes to educational institutions. From college admissions, educational programs, to scandals—i.e. CollegeBoard sued for botched AP tests that also violated ADA requirements, college admissions up-ending around the country, to Lori Loughlin serving jail time for her role in the USC admissions scandal.

As vaccines are on the way to millions across the country, students are likely to return to normal school days. These younger generations are far from willing to go back to normal, meaning walk out protests are more than likely. Any hit the economy takes, likewise, will affect how student debt is repaid. Meaning higher education institutions as we know will bear the economic burdens of the pandemic, especially when the nodes enter Taurus and Scorpio—both of which are the signs associated with debts, resources, money, economics, and power structures.

6. Expect more to happen with the global space race and space policy—to include its media coverage.

Many astrologers believe the race of companies towards vaccine development is indicative of the upgraded technologies with this Grand Conjunction in Aquarius. However, there’s been a quiet space race that’s been taking place over the past decade. The Grand Conjunction takes place every 20 years, meaning the space race we discuss in history always happened following the Grand Conjunction of the ‘60s (Kennedy) and ‘80s (Reagan). Aquarius is associated with outer space, science, and technology.

Donald Trump signed and officalized a Space Force on December 20, 2019. 2020 senate elections have now given a fourth astronaut, Mark Kelly, a seat in U.S. Congress. SpaceX has reached unsurmountable heights with record launches that reveal the future of Mars colonization in 2020. However, we must be careful about complacency and who is funding these projects. To include whose lands it comes at the expense of, such as the TMT telescope on Mauna Kea that Native Hawaiians have been protesting for several years now.

Similar to how WWII got us out of a Great Depression, I sense the space and technology industries will be the “saviors” this go around. This is why we must be careful—these are unaccountable individuals who will have power to decide matters around infrastructure, taxes, and just about anything that affects society and the future at large.

2021 and space exploration will be a euphoric moment in history that can unite the public. However, it’s important that research agencies like NASA are publicly supported and funded to ensure a balance of power between space companies and the professional science community.

7. Expect attempts from billionaires to call the shots on science and social discourse.

Unthinkable technology that improves the quality of human life typically comes at a great financial cost. One that most governments cannot afford, especially those who have unwisely distributed taxpayer dollars. Aquarius deals with science, innovation, and society, all while Taurus deals with money and business. The vaccine will likely prove effective on the front lines of coronavirus. The catch, however, is the long-term financial implications of the vaccines can mean more power and wealth gets into the wrong hands. In turn, these individuals affect the future of public health, finance, scientific research, and therefore social and political discourse.

This is not only seen with coronavirus. Silicon Valley billionaires such as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Bitcoin’s Elon Musk are projected to become trillionaires. While people say Capricorn is associated with corporations, it is actually Aquarius who is because it rules upgraded wealth and radicalization of success. Pluto in Aquarius in 2024-2025 is when the red flags will really go off.

I’m not saying get your pitchforks and torches ready for the billionaires. I’m saying they only have as much power and money as we personally give them. Hence why consumerism trends will experience significant shifts in the next year or two, especially once the North Node enters Taurus in January 2022.

8. Expect space tourism and the possibility of out-of-this-world gentrification.

Not only is Aquarius the sign of outer space, the nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius are associated with expansion through knowledge and traveling. Sounds like fantasy, right? Turns out this is a plan that’s alive and well. Globalization is plateauing. What we’re seeing is universalization. Universal language and currency are only a couple of examples.

As the nodes shift into Taurus and Scorpio in January 2022, however, space expansion will become a matter of classism and environmental destruction—from asteroid mining to Mars colonization. The issues that stem from pandemic, nonetheless, just might motivate space companies to colonize space faster. An indebted government means billionaires will continue to fund everything. This includes a global space race, which is on its way to becoming a trillion dollar industry.

Out of this world gentrification is an impending threat. It isn’t as evident yet, but it will be once space tours and luxurious hotels such as the Aurora Station are available for the rich in 2021. We’ve already seen DJs perform live sets in space and creation of a zero gravity champagne for the rich. This is not something to take lightly, and I don’t think people will.

9. Expect media and retail consumerism to shift towards a values-based system.

Aquarius rules social values while Taurus rules consumerism and personal values. The Jupiter-Uranus square in January 2021 will likely come with scandals from influential figures and corporations. So while trillionaires are a concern, younger generations have made it clear what they’re capable of doing to a large business when they stand together (AKA Aquarius).

Cancel culture will dictate how younger generations spend their money. The North Node in Gemini, also the sign of neighborhoods and localities, is indicative of a shift towards supporting local business and journalism. 83% of Millennials are reported they purchase from brands and follow influencers based on social values, and Gen X and Gen Z are following closely behind. We’re already noticing influencer culture is making this shift as well.

Though consequently this will also lead to internet mobs and other internet organizations influencing economic outcomes through more cyberattacks on free speech, small businesses, communications, and possibly infrastructure, as this is already seen with the AT&T Christmas Day bombing in Nashville. The issue with looting really made its presence when the North Node entered Gemini around May 2020. A dedication to preserving shared values, nonetheless, means it can negatively manifest as conspiracies and radicalization of group ideologies that will become more problematic than it already is.

10. Expect international organizations and governments to face serious challenges around order and legitimacy.

While a collapse is unlikely anytime soon, the debate around globalism versus nationalism is making a comeback. After all, globalization is the catalyst behind pandemics and trade wars. Though it’s also the reason we have the technologies, conveniences, increased wealth, and social awareness that we do today. All while people are more concerned about taking care of their communities and nation. Competing economic and ideological needs can therefore disrupt social order on local, national, and global scales.

Sanctions imposed on nations can threaten an agenda to re-bolster economic development on both national and global scales. Gemini and Sagittarius rule trade, communications, and commerce. Upgraded wealth of nations can inflame tensions between economic rivals. China’s Belt and Road Initiative may also grow as an even greater threat due to its economic hegemony. Note these tensions are inevitable considering that globalist versus nationalist policy in the U.S. is still limited regarding who wins versus who doesn’t.

A need to answer to self-sovereignty, in turn, can fracture our international governing bodies such as the United Nations, World Health Organization, NATO, etc. Multilateralism can develop into alliance systems that posed an even greater threat come WWII, though a world war is unlikely in this case.

The increased isolationist attitudes that prevailed after WWI and the Great Depression may arise again, as Uranus was in Taurus at this time. Except while the issue stemmed from a world war last time, the accessibility to public information through technology has already inspired internal revolutions around the globe. Remember the era of global revolutions happened with Pluto in Aquarius, which will make its return in 2023-2024.

11. Expect cosmic fashion to make a comeback.

All is not bad in 2021 fashion-wise! Neptune in Pisces harmoniously aspecting Uranus in Taurus is rewinding fashion. ‘90s babies had the iconically eccentric and festive fashion trends that were reflective of Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus that rules collective fashion and cultural trends. Pisces is also associated with the cosmos, similar to Aquarius.

Ever wondered why NASA t-shirts, cosmic fashion, and jewelry are making a huge comeback over the last year or so? Perhaps Neptune in Pisces have something to do with it! We’ve already seen a subtle shift in the industry towards cosmic aesthetics and astrology as a marketing tool. Come 2021, however, it will be where it’s almost impossible to ignore it.

The fashion industry is eating up horoscopes as we speak, and soon enough media will cover and promote cosmic trends in fashion and beauty. As we shift towards values based consumerism, younger generations will also value merchandise that is uniquely personalized. So it only makes sense the overall cosmic trend will go into effect as well.

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