What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From 2021’s Mercury In Virgo

Mercury will enter the sign of Virgo beginning on August 11th and stay there until August 30th. This will be a quick Mercury transit before our next Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Libra. Thankfully, Mercury will not make any aspects to Saturn, but it will have a trine to Uranus on August 20th, and it can be a couple of days filled with surprises collectively. Mercury is exalted in Virgo, meaning that we can appreciate and experience a lot of great moments here, filled with inspiration and focus. In this sign, Mercury likes to analyze, to create quality thoughts, and to perfect. We can use this time to really concentrate on our projects and either redo or edit them accordingly. Prepare now because Mercury in Libra will be Retrograde in Libra beginning in late September of this year.

Aries – Get your head in the game with this transit, as it will restructure your habits and daily routines. This is a period of hyper focus on the things that bring you happiness and contribute positively to your wellbeing. You are going to want to drop what is causing you stress and anxiety and opt for healthier methods. Mercury in this sign paves the way for next month when you will be more focused on partnerships.

Taurus – During this transit, you can experience some joyous and interesting things happening. With Mercury in Virgo, your demeanor can be more welcoming and playful around others. Romantically involved? Expect an upgrade in your relationship. Single? This could be the perfect time to mingle, but you will probably not attract too many long-term prospects since Uranus might bring some surprises.

Gemini – Mercury, your ruler is going to grant you much needed patience during transit. You might be more accustomed to expressing yourself in a more spontaneous way, but in the sign of Virgo, being grounded will be more pleasing for you. You are entering a phase of maturity, especially with Saturn currently aspecting your sign, giving you more structure in your life and communication skills.

Cancer – Expect surprises with this transit as Mercury in Virgo pushes you to the spotlight. Mercury is exalted in Virgo and it’s happy in your house of communications, so this can be a fruitful period to meet people, spark some new creative ideas, or launch a new project. During this time, you are going to feel more intellectually stimulated and motivated, so learning new things with books or beginning a new podcast can get you to feel calm and deeply inspired.

Leo – This is an excellent time to focus on money management, as Mercury in Virgo is able to provide you with practical solutions to problems you might have avoided. Focus on saving, spend wisely, and think about future growth with Mars and Venus currently in the same sign. This month is all about finding balance between treating yourself or investing in yourself.

Virgo – While Mercury is at home in your sign, this will be a great transit for you, since it brings out all of your positive qualities. Mercury is exalted in Virgo, and you are here to show people just how knowledgeable, resourceful, and capable you are. If you were afraid of the spotlight, the accolades you receive now can give you that ego boost you have secretly longed for, since you will brainstorm new ways to tackle problems for others in school or work projects that involve collaborating with others.

Libra – With the power of Mercury in Virgo, you are seeing yourself in a new light. Here you can go within and analyze what might be troubling you on a deeper and psychological scale. Mercury dives deep into your psyche to clear out the troubles and the doubts you might have right before it enters your sign.

Scorpio – Wonderful moments will be shared with this transit as you understand and welcome the support and strength of your circle or network of friends. While Saturn might be applying pressures, you can feel a bit of a saving grace with this transit as the connections you have around you remind you of your talents and gifts. Nothing is too hard or out of your control for you have the right people at your side.

Sagittarius – A powerful moment with this transit as Mars and Venus join Mercury in Virgo. This is your moment to appreciate the opportunities that you are offered. While at the highest point of your chart, this planet will put things in perspective for you as you define your goals and restructure them if needed, thanks to Uranus in Taurus being activated and making you more career driven. Make sure to keep cool, stay calm, and practice being diplomatic since powerful people may be scrutinizing your every move.

Capricorn – You are making big changes this year, as you feel slightly more in control now that you have endured Saturn in your sign. This Mercury in Virgo transit is going to bring you the tools needed to do some additional spiritual reflection and soul searching. It will serve as a motivator for your transition to maturity and growth. You could even consider learning something new to make you feel more energized and aligned with your aspirations.

Aquarius – Going deeper and doing the work seems to be the theme of the year for you. Mercury in Virgo highlights more of the topics and themes that Saturn in Aquarius is bringing you. Navigating those harsh lessons becomes tougher for you. But you will also understand new methods of healing and facing these challenges head on with Saturn and Venus in the same sign, giving you that confidence boost.

Pisces – It can feel quite intense with Mercury opposing your sign and making you feel very brave during this Leo season. With three planets currently in Virgo, lighting up your romantic and partnership houses, you might be more compelled to let your friends or partners know your grievances. This can be a great time to express yourself if you have been bottling your emotions lately.

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