What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From 2021’s Full Moon In Aquarius

The Full Moon in Aquarius will return for another dose of excitement on August 22nd and the transit will be felt for a few more months. This time around, the Moon will have a different tone compared to the July 23rd transit. We will not feel the anxiety and hopelessness that Saturn made us feel. Instead, we have a greater sense of optimism since Jupiter has returned to the sign of Aquarius. The conjunction with the benefic allows us to be motivated and preserves some sense of confidence as we navigate towards the next couple of months before Jupiter enters Pisces once again. Chapters close now and we can reflect and allow ourselves to let those bad habits and repeating patterns go as we look forward without our past actions keeping us controlled.

Aries – Changes to your social circles have been happening all year. During the last Full Moon, you probably experienced some challenges with friends and might have opted to be more reserved. Now, with the repeat of this transit, you are feeling a lot more like yourself and this confidence will allow you to make peace and heal with those friends you have neglected.

Taurus – Career changes are now going to be viewed in a more positive light as this Full Moon in Aquarius closes the chapters from last month. Any pending questions will now be resolved with a boss or if you are in school, a professor might give you praises. You are here to claim your rewards with this transit, so don’t give up hope just yet.

Gemini – A positive effect of this event is that you are going to be smarter about the future and your expectations. While the first transit had you focused on regaining your control, you now feel more encouraged and empowered to take the leap and choose a major or a field that fuels your passion. Make the best of it with this transit, as Jupiter will be trining your sign, giving you luck and motivation.

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Cancer – An awakening with this transit as the Full Moon returns to Aquarius to offer some guidance as you continue to transform your career path as well as your finances. With the experiences and lessons, you have learned through Saturn in Capricorn, you can use your wisdom to make breakthroughs. Jupiter in the same sign is here to lend knowledge and power. It is also a reminder of your strength.

Leo – Things might have felt cold with your personal relationships or even romantic ones as Saturn continues to transform you. The last Full Moon transit in Aquarius brought up the challenges you faced while preserving your connections with others, but now with Jupiter in the same sign as the Moon, you are more understanding, compassionate, and wiser. The ones you love may need you during this time to give them an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on, so be there for them.

Virgo – During this transit, you are prepared for the next phases on the road ahead for the next couple of months. The last Full Moon handed you the tools needed to make more efficient decisions. Your routines have transformed to meet the obstacles, and with Jupiter back in the sign of Aquarius, you will see productivity levels soar. A time that will also help you redefine those career goals.

Libra – With this transit, you see the transformation with your relationships happening this year but the most important one that is evolving is the one you have with yourself. Jupiter will be there to remind you that there aren’t any setbacks if you are willing to move on and live in the moment. An expansive period filled with excitement as you reconnect with friends and family, and you may even meet more interesting people along the way.

Scorpio – Get ready to see some changes at home and your career. The differences between this month’s Full Moon compared to the one in July is that Jupiter is back in Aquarius to join the party. Utilize powerful connections now that will help you on your way to the top, especially as Leo season comes to an end. Finding your footing during the last transit has helped others see how valuable you are and how efficient you can be even when you are stressed.

Sagittarius – As the Full Moon returns once again to the sign of Aquarius, you feel your communication habits begin to transform once more. Get ready to pick up your pen or laptop and get those thoughts on paper. If you are focused on creating something valuable, go for it while Jupiter is still in Aquarius. Socializing can become much easier now, as people from the past might reappear and connect with you.

Capricorn – A defining transit that shows you are on the path to success. If you struggled before with understanding your worth, you now have the answer you seek. Jupiter will put you in a favorable light, making you feel confident. Mars is already giving you the momentum needed to get to where you want while Jupiter makes you shine brighter; many are taking notice.

Aquarius – Once again, the Full Moon returns to your sign to give us a nice sense of closure. While you continue to traverse through the trials that Saturn has placed in your path, you now have Jupiter there too showing you that anything is possible. Expect this event to be the defining one for you, highlighting your successes as well as how much you have grown during this year. Show yourself some love during this time.

Pisces – Chapters begin to close with this transit and it’s a good sign since you have the fortitude to move ahead. You can heal emotionally and spiritually with this transit, as Jupiter in the same sign can give you the optimism to know that you can overcome anything.

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