What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From 2021’s New Moon In Leo

The New Moon in Leo will happen on August 8, a time of reactivation and reclaiming our sense of control. This transit will be felt for the next six months, and since it’s making some contact with Saturn and Uranus, we can expect some surprises. Saturn will be opposing the Moon, but this is still a great transit to be optimistic of what lies ahead. We are feeling the shifts and impact from the Saturn and Uranus square meeting the Sun in Leo. This is a period of restructuring, and it’s a good time for us to not grow too attached to old thinking patterns, because Uranus can bring some surprises. With the New Moon, we see the good and bad, but we can still cling onto hope for the better in the future.

Aries – With this New Moon in Leo activating your zone of fun and creativity, you are going to feel a lot more inspired to take on new projects. Leo season has you setting your sights on greater things, and you now feel more confident to make practical plans to achieve your higher purpose.

Taurus – After a period of excitement and connection that Cancer season brought, this New Moon is going to bring some needed grounding energy. This is your opportunity to recharge and take care of matters at home. With career, you are going to be a lot more diligent, refining your projects and receiving positive feedback from collaborators or coworkers.

Gemini – During this New Moon, the way you relate to others might be changed. With this cycle, you initiate a new period, and this will greatly impact your relationships with friends and even family members. If you have felt afraid or restricted with your thought process, expect a positive change now.

Cancer Themes from your new Moon transit will be reiterated. The shifts now are going to be more centered towards you. If you have doubted yourself and your abilities, this can serve as a reawakening to show you what you are made of.

Leo – The New Moon in your sign can feel like a blessing because you will feel awakened. However, the opposition to Saturn can make you feel doubtful and restricted, since Saturn might present to you your limits. Try to think of the good things that can uplift you.

Virgo – A perfect time to go within and analyze everything you have had on your mind. It will be a good period of inspiration and momentum, as Leo season pushes you to be more confident in your choices for the next New Moon cycle in your sign.

Libra – Embrace all the lessons that Saturn is trying to bring to you. This New Moon transit will allow you to reflect on your relationship dynamics. Friendship circles might shift; you may meet new and influential people, or you might reconsider those current friendships with Saturn there showing you the harsh reality.

Scorpio Changes will be prompted with this transit as you go within to look for the answers to the questions you might have been thinking about. This transit will have all eyes on you, so the hard work you have done up to this point will become fruitful in the next six months.

Sagittarius – A very good transit for Fire signs, even with the obstacles Saturn might be imposing. A sense of optimism can accompany this transit, since the energy will feel expansive. You will have ample opportunity to reflect on the work you are trying to create and how you want it to impact others. Think about how you want to change the world with this transit.

Capricorn – During his New Moon in Leo transit, the effect will have you deeply analyzing the relationship you have with your romantic partner. How you both share and the love you have for each other might be on your mind. Single folks are going to restructure their financial goals as they push for better earning power.

Aquarius – Your relationships can feel the tension during this transit, and you might even feel closed off. Although Saturn can make you feel lonely, you can achieve so much more if you do not let those thoughts get to you. This can be your opportunity to do something exciting with your partner or friend that can make you happy.

Pisces – Prioritizing yourself as well as your planner will be big themes during this transit. Saturn might remind us of the limits, but if you are able to navigate your time properly, you can be extremely successful during this transit.

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