25 Quick Reminders For When You’re Trying To Keep Up With Everyone Else In ‘Adulthood’

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1. The people you follow on social media make their lives look way better
than they actually are.

2. Everybody has problems you don’t always know about.

3. The things you don’t have always seem better than the things you do, but  please be grateful for what you do have.

4. The little things you worry about probably aren’t worth the amount of stress that they’re causing. The little worries at work, and in friendships or relationships, probably wouldn’t matter to you anymore if something tragic happened. I sincerely hope nothing tragic occurs in your life, but if it does, remember the things that truly matter, and remember how lucky you are to have them in your life.

5. You’re not the only person who’s not currently in love. There’s a whole sea of single people out there (because I know all single people love the plenty of fish in the sea metaphor).

6. You won’t be single forever (unless you truly want to be, which is fine).

7. You’re not the only person who feels alone. You might feel like there’s no one out there that truly understands you, but there are plenty of people willing to listen. Even the people who don’t relate to your struggles, they’re there to remind you that someone cares.

8. You don’t have to get married just because your friends are.

9. You don’t have to be married by a certain age.

10. A lot of parents pressure their children about marriage, you’re not alone.

11. You don’t have to have children (duh).

12. If you want children, you don’t have to give them the same exact life your parents gave you.

13. It is perfectly fine if you’re not currently working your dream job, but always keep your dreams in sight.

14. You don’t need a certain salary to be ‘successful.’

15. Any risk you take will be scary. Uncertainty is terrifying, but constantly wondering what if sucks.

16. It’s perfectly fine to feel lost.

17. It’s perfectly fine to start over.

18. Many good things take time. Life isn’t a race, and that goes for your professional and personal life.

19. You will mess up. It’s okay.

20. Messing up only feels terrible in that moment. Afterwards there’s tons of lessons to learn.

21. It’s okay to ask for help. You’re not the only one who needs it.

22. Sometimes having two real friends is better than having 14 fake ones.

23. Sometimes people you care about will let you down. It’s not your fault, it just happens.

24. It’s okay to think about the past, but let it serve as a reminder to keep moving forward.

25. It’s never too late to try something for the very first time. Do the things you say you’ve “always wanted to do.” You’re not too old and it ‘s not too late. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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